Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Broken Nose Mask - Hoosier Mask #6659 to Anthony / Cheraw, SC


PA: Anthony's Son / Cheraw, SC

Diagnosis: Broken Nose

RX: Clyde's Hoosier Face Mask


History: Broken nose fielding a baseball bounced up and struck nose. 5'8" / male / 145lbs

Sport: Baseball

Plan: Create Hoosier mask for broken nose using DuPont's unique patented Surlyn.


Call Clyde for Info 800.253.6217 TXT: 317.445.1475

Orbit Fracture - Raptor Mask by Clyde to Polly/Waco, TX

PA: Polly's son/ Waco, TX
Diagnosis: Orbit frature left side
RX:Clyde's Hoosier Model Raptor Mask - STAT
Sport: Soccer
Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317.445.1475

Hallux Rigidus - X1 Blade #7621 to Paul / Elk Grove, CA

1/8/18 PA: Paul B./ Elk Grove, CA Diagnosis: Hallux Rigidus RX: Clyde's Trizone X1 GoBlade http://indianabrace.com/turftoe.aspx History: Runner for more than 40 years but injured toe 7 years ago running bases in in softball: Plan: Create a runners model X1 GoBlade for Paul's long distance running. www.indianabrace.com Call Clyde 800-253-6217 TXT: 317-445-1475

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hallux Rigidus: X1 Blade #7620 to Glennda in Fremont, CA

PA:Glennda C./Fremont, CA
Diagnosis: Hallux Rigidus, Great Toe Arthritis
RX: X1 GoBlade by Clyde
Call Clyde 800-253-6217 TXT: 317-445-1475