Friday, December 18, 2009

X1 Blade Turf Toe Insert - 2009

Zanesville, OH "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order" 12/17/09 (Hiker model/podiatrist office order/diagnosis unknown) - Central Point, OR "Online order" 12/16/09 (Hiker model/hallux rigidus/carpet installer,bowling) - Bromball, PA "Online order" 12/16/09 (Hiker model/turf toe/walking) - Marietta, GA "Online order" 12/16/09 (Hiker model/nondisplaced fx @ proximal phalanx of great toe/Army training) - Newark, DE "Called Clyde 800.253.6217 to order" 12/16/09 (Hiker model/hallux rigidus/walking) - Voorhes, NJ "Online order" 12/15/09 (Pro model/turf toe/ volley ball) - Los Angeles, CA "Online order" 12/11/09 (turf toe/softball) - Indianapolis, IN VA Hospital "Fax order" 12/09/09 (hallux rigidus) - Morganton, NC "Called Clyde "800-253-6217 to order"12/10/11 (hallux rigidus/golf) - Winnepeg, Manitoba Canada "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to or der"12/07/09 (turf toe/hallux rigidus) -Hampstead,MD "Online order"12/06/09 (great toe pain/soccer) -Tufts Medical Center/Surgeon "Online order"12/06/09 (turf toe/tennis) - Winona, MN "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"12/03/09 (cheilectomy bilateral) - Honolulu, HI "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"12/02/09 (turf toe/basketball) - Watsonville, CA "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"12/01/09 (Morton's Syndrome) - Mountain Center, CA "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"12/01/09 (turf toe/pro tennis) - Marietta, GA "Online order" 11/30/09 (turf toe/football) - Chapel Hill, NC "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"11/30/09 (hallux rigidus/runner) - New York City "Online order"11/30/09 (turf toe/soccer) -Des Moines, IA"Online order"11/28/09 (turf toe/cross country skiing)- University of Texas Football"Called Clyde 1-800-253-6217 to order"11/27/09 (turf toe/football) - Wesley Chapel, FL "Online order"11/26/09 (turf toe/ tennis) - Stalowa Wola, Poland "Called Clyde to order"11/25/09 (professional basketball/turf toe) - North Charleston, SC"Online order" 11/24/09 (bilateral turf toe) - Ambler, PA "Online order"11/23/09 (great toe arthritis) - Stillwell, KS "Online order" 11/19/09 (hallux rigidus/golf) -Hockessin, DE "Online order"11/19/09 (halluxrigidus) - Teutopolis, IL "Online order"11/18/09 (hallux rigidus/golf) - Livermore, CA "Online order"11/18/09 (turf toe/soccer) -Los Angeles, CA "Online order" 11/18/09 (turf toe/football) - Dublin, Ireland"Online order"11/18/09 (turf toe/rugby) - Warrenton, VA "Online order"11/17/09 (turf toe/dogtrainer) - Eastern Wyoming College"Online order" 11/17/09 (recurring turf toe bilateral) - New York City "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"11/17/09 (bilateral hallux rigidus) - Los Altos, CA"Called Clyde 800-253-6217 then ordered"11/16/09 (turf toe) - Motara, CA"Online order"11/12/09 (turf toe) - Indianapolis, IN "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"11/12/09 (great to arthritis bilateral) -Terre Haute, IN "Fax order 317-255-7535"11/11/09 (sesamoiditis) - Fulda, MN"Online order" 11/11/09 (hallux limitus) - Ft. Wayne, IN "Online order"11/10/09 (bilateral turf toe/H.S. basketball) - Danville, CA "Online order" 11/10/09(bilateral great toe pain/3rd order) - Kenley, Surrey United Kingdom "Online order"11/10/09 (hallux rigidus) - Allentown, PA "Online order"11/09/09 (hallux rigidus) - Victor, NY"Online order"11/07/09 (turf toe) - Washington, DC/Georgetown Running Company "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"11/07/09 (turf toe/marathoner) -Garden City, NY "Online order"11/07/09 (turf toe) - Central Michigan Football "Called Clyde 800-253-6217"11/06/09 (turf toe/receiver) -Derthoud, CO"Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"11/05/09 (hallux rigidus/turf toe) - Miami, FL "Online order"11/04/09 (hallux rigidus) - Johnson City, TN "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order" 11/03/09 (bilateral hallux rigidus) - Delaware, OH "Online order"11/03/09 (turf toe) - Austin, TX"Online order" 11/03/09 (turf toe) - United Kingdom"Online order" 11/03/09 (hallux rigidus) - University of Texas Football Austin, TX"Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"11/02/09 (turf toe) - USC FootballLos Angeles, CA"Online order"11/01/09 (turf toe) - Lebam, WA "Online order" 10/30/09 (turf toe) - Newark, DE "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order" 10/30/09 (morton's neuroma) - Midlothian, VA "Online order"10/29/09 (turf toe) - Wheeling, WV "Online order"10/29/09 (turf toe) - Washington, IL "Online order"10/29/09 (turf toe) - Cary, IL "Called Clyde to order" 10/29/09(turf toe/ H.S. O-lineman) - Wyoming, DE "Online order" 10/29/09 (hallux rigidus) - Bellevue, WA "Online order"10/29/09 (turf toe) - Alexandria, NSW, Australia -"Called Clyde to order"10/28/09 (turf toe/surfer) - Houston, TX"Online order" 10/28/09 (turf toe) - Duluth, GA "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"10/28/09 (bilateral turf toe/QB H.S. Football) - Tulsa, OK "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"10/28/09 (turf toe) - Lonestar Orthopedic / Cincinnati, OH10/28/09-(bilateral hallux rigidus) -Cal Poly Football"Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order" 10/26/09 (turf toe) -Saint Ambrose Football"Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"10/26/09 (bilateral turf toe) - Chillicothe, IL "Called Clyde 800-253-6217 to order"10/26/09 (turf toe) - McHenry, IL "Online order"10/25/09 (turf toe) - Denver, CO "Online order"10/24/09 (bunion pain) - Tulsa, OK "Online order"10/22/09 (hallux limitus) - Sycamore, OH "Online order" 10/22/09 (turf toe/H.S. Football) - West Virginia University "Online order"10/22/09 (turf toe) - Doylestown, PA "Online order"10/22/09 (hallux rigidus) - Franklin Park, NJ "Online order" 10/21/09 (turf toe) - Clyde, TX "Online order"10/20/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) - Rochester, MN "Online order"10/20/09 (turf toe) - Zanesville, OH "Online order"10/20/09 (turf toe) - DeWitt, IA "Online order" 10/19/09 (turf toe) - Jacksonville, FL "Online order" 10/16/09 (bilateral turf toe) - Pasadena, CA Turning Point Physical Therapy"Call Clyde to order 800-253-6217"1/16/09 (turf toe/pole vaulter) - 10/16/09 - Richmond, VA "Online order"10/16/09 (turf toe) - Beachwood, OH "Called Clyde to order 800-253-6217"10/14/09 (turf toe/runner) - Knoxville, TN"Online order" 10/13/09 (turf toe) -McLean, VA"Call Clyde to order 800-253-6217"10/13/09 (turf toe/runner) - Wellington, FL "Online order" 10/12/09 (turf toe/reorder H.S. football) - Oakland, CA"Online order" 10/11/09 (bilateral turf toe/H.S. football)Dulles, VA"Online order "10/09/09 (hallux rigidus) -Lafayette, CO"Online order" 10/09/09 (hallux limitus) -Troy, NC "Online order" 10/08/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) - Manhattan, KS "Online order" 10/07/09 (turf toe) -Waynesboro, VA "Online order" 10/07/09 (Great toe pain) - McCloud, OK "Online order / talk to Clyde 800-253-6217"10/07/09 ( turf toe/ H.S. softball) -Waterbury, CT"Online order / talk to Clyde 800-253-6217"10/07/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) -Atlanta, GA"Online order / talk to Clyde 800-253-6217" 10/07/09 (bilateral turf toe/NBA basketball) -Cincinnati, OHLone Star Orthopedic -10/07/09 (turf toe) -Chicago, IL Lifestyle Physical Therapy 10/06/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) - Jamul, CA"Online order" 10/05/09 (hallux limitus) - Chicago, IL "Online order" 1/05/09 (turf toe) - Watergate Bay, England "Online order" 10/05/09 (turf toe/ reorder) - Bentonville, AR, "Online order" 10/03/09 (turf toe) - Lexington, SC "Online order" 10/03/09 (turf toe) -Wellington, FL"800-253-6217 call Clyde"10/02/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) - Limerick, Ireland"Online order"10/02/09 (turf toe)- Las Vegas Locomotives/UFL "Online order"10/02/09 (turf toe/running back) -Gainesville, FL"Online order"10/01/09 (bilateral turf toe) - Notre Dame Football"Online order" 10/1/09 (sesimoiditis/offensive lineman) - Bellevue, WA"800-253-6217 call Clyde" 10/1/09 (hallux rigidus) -Howe, TX"800-253-6217 call Clyde" 10/1/09 (turf toe.H.S. basketball) -Green Bay Packers"800-253-6217 call Clyde" 10/1/09 (turf toe/running back) - Ashville, NC"Online order" 9/30/09 (turf toe) - Columbus, OH"800-253-6217 call Clyde" 9/30/09 (turf toe/soccer) - Minneapolis, MN"Online order"9/29/09 (hallux rigidus) - San Diego, CA "800-253-6217 call Clyde" 9/29/09 (turf toe) - Columbia, MO "800-253-6217 call Clyde" 9/28/09 (turf toe/soccer) - Terre Haute, IN Hanger Prosthetics 9/28/09 (sesimoiditis) - Columbus, OH OrthoNeuro 9/25/09 (turf toe) Houston, TX "Online order" 9/25/09 (turf toe) - Honolulu, HI "800# call Clyde" 9/25/09 (broken great toe/ H.S. soccer) - Mountaiview, CA "Online order"9/24/09 (hallux rigidus/runner) - Greenville, SC Foothills Footcare Center 9/24/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) - Cincinnati, OH Lone Star Orthopedic 9/24/09 (turf toe/hallux rigidus) - Ironton, OH "Online order" 9/23/09 (turf toe/ H.S. football) - St. John, ND "800# talk to Clyde" 9/23/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) - New York City, NY "Online order" 9/21/09 (hallux rigidus bilateral) - Notre Dame, INNotre Dame Football 9/21/09 (turf toe/D1 football) - Cambridge, MA "800# talked to Clyde"9/21/09 (turf toe) - Wallace, ID "Online order" 9/19/09 (turf toe) - Seattle, WA "Online order" 9/19/09 (turf toe) - Abilene, TX "Online order" 9/19/09" (hallux rigidus bilateral) - Dahlonega, GA "Online order" 9/17/09 { turf toe) - Chesnee, SC "Online order" 9/17/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) - Lafayette, CA "Online order" 9/17/09 (turf toe) - Berthoud, CO "800# talk to Clyde" 9/16/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) -Gastin, IN "Online order" 9/15/09 (turf toe) - Austin, TX University of Texas Football "800# talk to Clyde" 9/15/09 (turf toe) - Newton, MA"800# call Clyde"9/14/09 (hallux rigidus) - Austin, TX Lone Star Podiatry "Online order" 9/14/09 (turf toe) - Tuscon, AZ "Online order" 9/14/09 (turf toe) - Spring, TX "Online order" 9/13/09 (turf toe) - Philadelphia, PA "800# talk to Clyde" 9/11/09 (hallux rigidus) - Denison, TX "800# talk to Clyde"9/11/09 (turf toe- H.S. football) - Bloomington, MN "800# call Clyde" 9/10/09 (turf toe) - Eugene, OR "800# call Clyde" 9/08/09 (hallux rigidus) - Gloucester, MA "Online order"9/07/09 (hallux rigidus) - Katy, TX"Online order" 9/07/09 (turf toe) - Sunland Park, NM "Online order" 9/7/09 (turf toe) - Radlett, England "Call Clyde to order" 9/7/09 (turf toe/rugby) - Floosmoor, IL "Online order" 9/6/09 (Morton's Foot - 2nd ray pain & sesimoiditis)) - San Diego, CA "Online order" 9/5/09 (turf toe) - Aiken, SC "Online order" 9/5/09 (turf toe) - Belmont, MA "800# call Clyde" 9/4/09 (3rd met fx) - Geneva College"800# call Clyde" 9/3/09 (turf toe / football) - Franklin College "800# call Clyde" 9/3/09 (turf toe/football) - Zanesville, OH "Online order" 9/3/09 (turf toe/H.S. Football) - Overland Park, KS "800# talk to Clyde"9/2/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) - Pendleton, IN"Online order" 9/2/09 (4th met fx) - Winnepeg, Manitoba Canada Performance Healthware 9/2/09 (great toe injuries) -Sherman, TX North Texas Foot Care"800# talk to Clyde" 9/2/09 (turf toe/H.S. football) - Lumberton, TX "Online order" 9/1/09 (turf toe) - Austin, TX Lone Star Podiatry "Onlineorder" 9/1/09 (turf toe) - Portland State U."800# talk to Clyde" 9/1/09 (turf toe/ football & soccer) - Zanesville, OH "Online order" 9/1/09 Podiatric Associates ( turf toe/ h.s.QB football) - Clinton, TN "800# talk to Clyde" 9/1/09 (hallux rigidus) - Brooklyn, NY "Online order" 9/1/09 (functional hallux limitus) - Waldorf College"800# talk to Clyde" 8/31/09 (turf toe/football) -Portland State U."800# tallk to Clyde" 8/31/09 (turf toe / D1 football) - Niagra Falls, NY "800# talk to Clyde" 8/31/09 (turf toe / - Lanoka Harbor, NJ "800# talk to Clyde" 8/31/09 (bilateral hallux rigidus) - Midlothian, TX "Online order" 8/31/09 (turf toe/ h.s. football) - Tulsa, OK "Online order" 8/30/09 (hallux rigidus) - Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada "Online order" 8/30/09 (hallux rigidus - sesimoiditis) - Payson, UT "Online order" 8/28/09 (turf toe) - Los Gatos, CA "Onlineorder" 8/28/09 (turf toe) - Beachwood, OH "Online order" 8/28/09 (turf toe) - Tigard, OR "Online order" 8/28/09 (turf toe bilateral) - Eastlake, OH "Online order" 8/27/09 (turf toe) - Hartford, WI "800# talk to Clyde" 8/27/09 (hallux rigidus) - Lander, WY "800# talk to Clyde" 8/27/09 (turf toe/football) - Bethesda, MD "800# talk to Clyde" 8/27/09 (hallux rigidus/runner) - Hampsted, MD "Online order" 8/26/09 (turf toe) - Macalester College"Online order" 8/26/09 (turf toe) - Green Bay Packers"800# talk to Clyde" 8/26/09 (turf toe) - Grenada, MS "800# talk to Clyde" 8/26/09 (turf toe/football) - Navarre, FL "800# talk to Clyde" 8/25/09 (sesimoiditis) - Manchester, TN "Online order" 8/24/09 (sesimoiditis) - Aliso Viejo, CA "Online order" 8/24/09 (turf toe) -Butler University"800# order" 8/24/09 (turf toe-soccer) - Franklin College"800# order" 8/24/09 (turf toe-football) Agoura Hills, CA "Online order" 8/23/09 (turf toe) - Chicago, IL "Online order" 8/20/09 (hallux rigidus) - Rehoboth, DE "Online order" 8/19/09 (bunion) - Hornel. NY "Online order" 8/19/'09 (hallux rigidus bilateral) Dublin, Ireland "Reorder online" 8/18/08 (arthritis great toe) -San Jose, CA "Online order" 8/18/09 (turf toe) - Rutland, VT "Online order" 8/18/09 (turf toe) - Carmel, IN Hanger Prosthetics 8/18/09 (2nd met fx) - Folsom, CA "Online order" 8/17/09 (turf toe) - Belmont, OH "Onlineorder" 8/17/09 (turf toe) - McCordsville, IN "Online order" 8/17/09 (turf toe) - Smyrna, TN "Online order"8/15/09 (turf toe) - Laguna Niguel, CA "Online order" 8/14/09 (turf toe) - Austin, TX "Online order" 8/14/09 (turf toe) - Pembroke Pines, FL"800# reorder" 8/13/09 (turf toe) - Brookfield, CT "Online order" 8/13/09 (turf toe) - Wilson, WY "800# order" 8/10/09 (turf toe) - Juneau, AK"800# reorder" 8/10/09 (turf toe) - Medford, OR "Online order" 8/10/09 (turf toe) - Palo Alto, CA "Online order" 8/8/09 (turf toe) - South Burlington, VT"800# order" 8/7/09 (hallux limitus) - North Royalton, OH "800# order" 8/6/09 (turf toe) - Calgary, Alberta Canada "800# order" 8/6/09 (hallux limitus) - Arlington, VA "800# order" 8/4/09 (turf toe) Terre Haute, IN Hanger Prosthetics 8/3/09 (great toe amputation) - Naugatuck, CN "800# Order" 8/3/09 (bilateral hallux limitus) - Malmo, Sweden"Online order"8/2/09 (hallux limitus) - Sioux Falls,SD "Online order" 8/1/09 (hallux limitus) - Asheville, NC "Online order"7/31/09 (bilateralhallux valgus) - Keswick, VA "800# Order" 7/31/09 (turf toe) - Butler U. Basketball "800# order" 7/31/09 (turf toe) - Morgantown, NC "800# order" 7/30/09 (hallux limitus) - Los Angeles, CA "800# Order" 7/30/09 (turf toe) - Edmonton, Alberta Canada - "800# Order" 7/30/09 (turf toe) - Mahwah, NJ "Online order" 7/29/09 (turf toe) - Palo, Alto, CA "Online order" 7/28/09 (turf toe) - Plymouth, MI "Online order" 727/09 (great toe pain) - Tuscon, AZ "Online order" 7/27/09 Broadway Podiatry (sesimoiditis) - St Augustine, FL "Online order" 7/22/09 (turf toe) - Los Angeles, CA "Online order" 7/21/09 (turf toe) - New Market, VA "Online order" 7/21/09 (turf toe) - Escondido, CA "800# order" 7/20/09 ( hallux rigidus) - Rocky River, OH "Online order" 7/19/09 (turf toe) - Pembroke, MA"Online order"7/19/09 (turf toe) - Dublin, Ireland "Online order" 7/17/09 (great toe arthritis) - Duluth, GA "Online order" 7/17/09 (turf toe) - Houston, TX "Online order" 7/17/09 (turf toe) - Zionsville, IN "800# Order" 7/13/09 (turf toe) - Midlothian, TX "Online order" 7/12/09 (turf toe) - Tuscon, AZ "Online order" 7/11/09 (hallux rigidus) - Raleigh, NC "Online order" 7/10/09 (hallux rigidus) - Rutland, VT "800# order" 7/10/09 (hallux rigidus) - Honolulu, HI "Online order" 7/10/09 (bilateral hallux rigidus) - Mason, OH "Online order" 7/9/09 (bilateral hallux rigidus) - Prairie Village, KS "Online order" 7/8/09 (turf toe) - Durham, NC "Online order" 7/8/09 (great toe arthritis) - Del Mar, CA "800# order" 7/8/09 (turf toe) - Cumming, GA "Online order" 7/8/09 (turf toe) - Livermore, CA "800# order" 7/7/09 (turf toe) - Peoria, IL "On-site pick-up" Peoria AAU Basketball 7/7/09 (turf toe) - Ft Lauderdale, FL "Online order" 7/6/09 (turf toe) - Loveland, CO "Online order" 7/6/09 (turf toe) - Atlanta, GA "Online order" 7/3/09 (great toe arthritis) - Edgartown, MA "Online order" 7/7/09 (great toe pain) - Fairfield, CT "Online order" 7/7/09 Chiropractic Sports Practice (turf toe) - Terre Haute, IN "800# order" Hanger Prosthetics (turf toe) - Portland, TN "Online order" 7/1/09 (sesimoiditis) - Fremont, CA "Online order" 6/29/09 (Sesimoiditis) - Newark, DE "800# order"Independence Orthotics (stock order) - Lake Worth, FL "Online order" 6/29/09 (turf toe) - Pen Argyl, PA "Online order" 6/29/09 (turf toe) - Winston-Salem, NC "Paypal order"6/27/09 (hallux rigidus) - Flagstaff, AZ "Online order" 6/24/09 (hallux rigidus) - Lima, OH"Online order" 6/24/09 (turf toe) - Dallas, TX"Online order" 6/23/09 (turf toe) Yardley, PA "Online order" 6/22/09 (turf toe) - Spotswood, NJ "Online order"6/20/09 (turf toe) - Lawai, HI "800# Sale" 6/19/09 (turf toe) - Vancouver, WA "Apple Medical" 6/19/09 (turf toe) - Canberra, Australia"Online order" 6/19/09 (hallux rigidus) - Dayton, OH "Online order" 6/17/09 {hallux rigidus) - Flanagan, IL "Online order" 6/16/09 (painful big toe) - Lincoln, NE "Online order" 6/16/09 (turf toe) - Los Gatos, CA "Online order"6/16/09 (sesimoiditis) - Frankfort, KY "Online order"6/15/09 (turf toe) - Lexington, KY "Online order" 6/15/09 (turf toe) - Marietta, GA "Online order" 6/15/09 (turf toe) - Sacramento, CA "Online Order"6/14/09 ( hallux limitus) - Tampa, FL "Online order"6/13/09 (turf toe) - Easton, MD "The Orthopedic Center"6/11/09 (turf toe) - Opp, AL" Online sale"6/10/09 (turf toe) - University of Illinois Football 6/9/09 "On-site order" 6/9/09 (turf toe) - Danville, PA "Online order" 6/9/09 (turf toe) - Bedford, MA "Online order" 6/8/09 (bilateral turf toe) - Rexburg, ID "Online order" 6/8/09 (turf toe) - Tallahassee, FL "Online order" 6/6/09 (turf toe) - Olympia, WA "Online order" 6/6/09 (turf toe) - Oklahoma City, OK "Online order" 6/5/09 (turf toe) - Norcross, GA "Online order" 6/5/09 (sesimoiditis) - San Antonio, TX "Online order" 6/5/09 (great toe sprain) - Brooklyn, NY "Online order" 6/4/09 (turf toe) - Loveland, CO"Online order" 6/4/09 (turf toe)- Coplay, PA"800# Order"6/3/09 (turf toe) - Knoxville, TN "Internet order"6/2/09 (turf toe) - Terre Haute, IN"800# Order" 6/2/09 (turf toe) - Sana Cruz, CA "800# order" 6/1/09 (hallux limitus) - Freehold,NJ "Online order" 5/31/09 (turf toe) -Albany, NY "Online order" 5/31/09 (great toe arthritis) - Plattsburgh, NY "Online order" 5/30/09 (hallux rigidus) - Green Bay, WI "Online order" 5/29/09 (turf toe) - West Salem, OH "Online order" 5/29/09 (turf toe) -Fishers, IN "Online order" 5/29/09 (sesimoiditis) - Medford, OR "Online order" 5/28/09 (turf toe) - Las Vegas, NV "Online order" 5/27/09 (great toe pain) - Bridgeport, CT "Online order" 5/27/09 (turf toe) Pittsburg, CA "Online order" 5/26/09 (turf toe) - Austin, TX "Online order" 5/25/09 (turf toe) - Harrisburg, PA "Online order" 5/25/09 (hallux rigidus) - Fredericksburg, VA "Online order"5/25/09(turf toe) - Minneapolis,MN"Online order" 5/25/09 (turf toe) - Mesa, AZ "800# order" 5/22/09 (turf toe) - Madison, CT 5/21/09 "Online order" (Bilateral Turf Toe) - Durham, NC 5/21/09 "Online order" (hallux rigidus) - Bronxville, NY 5/20/09"800# order" (turf toe) - Whitewater, WI 5/20/09 "800# order" (turf toe) - Westbury, NY 5/19/09 "800# order" (turf toe) - New York, NY 5/19/09 "Online order" (bilateral hallux rigidus) - Aurora, IN 5/19/09 "call clyde order"(turf toe) - 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Thursday, December 17, 2009

X1 Blade Turf Toe Insert / 2009 Testimonials

X1 Blade for Turf Toe / 2009 Testimonials

I'm a college WR who has been battling with turf toe goin on two years. It started with small pain, now its so bad i cant run on it at all. Ive tried taping, that doesnt work, rest works a lil but works nothing like the X1 Blade turf toe insert! Ive been using it for two weeks now and i love it. It allows me to walk pain free, run, and continue with my football workouts! The X1 Blade turf toe insert is a life saver for any football player battling turf toe! Trust Me! This Damn Thing Works! Thanks Clyde!

My YouTube name says it all - PainsGONE! I bought the X1 Blade turf toe insert in 6/24/2009 and as soon as I started walking with it the pain in my big toe disappeared. I had gone through 2 steroid shots, many different shoe orthotics including custom and even had a rocker sole molded to my shoes and nothing would relieve the pain due to arthritis. I just ordered more for all of my shoes Thank you Mr. Peach. Sincerely, Jay BTW, I just spoke with him - great guy!

Thanks Clyde! I got my X1 Blade turf toe insert a week ago and what a difference! I was worried that i would have to adjust myself to using this insert. Not the case - we went out a few days ago and i can play tennis just like i used to be able to. Also, i can now walk non-stop without having to take long breaks. This device has truly made a big difference in my life. Thanks for your great product.

I am a golfer and I walk and carry my bag. I was recently diagnosed with "turf toe" and had to quit walking entirely. I looked into a number of different inserts and orthotics and finally spoke on the phone with Clyde about the X-1. I ordered one, put it in my golf shoe and was immediately able to walk the course. I've walked almost daily since while my turf toe continues to improve and I have no pain while walking. THANKS to Clyde for the amazing X1 Blade turf toe insert.

"My son developed turf toe over the summer during high school football workouts. He was entering his senior year of football as a receiver. Your X1 Blade turf toe inserts allowed him to continue working out and playing football. He has a second pair he wears in his regular shoes as well. I recommend anyone who has an issue with turf toe to wear them in both feet to help prevent turf toe from occurring or re-occurring. Thank you!"

"My daughter had a broken big toe that truly was hurting her all the time, so much so that she limped whenever she walked. She received one of your X-1 Sweetspot blades and has received immediate relief from her pain and discomfort. It allowed her to return to her normal gait without any pain. It is a real "miracle" for my daughter. She and I thank you and appreciate your X1 blade.
Thank you so much."

"I have hallux rigidis and was given an expensive custom orthotic that did provide some improvement. Once I purchased the X1, it was like my foot never hurt! The X1 is amazing, allowing me to run, and run hard, with virtually no pain. And I can walk around in most any shoe with comfort. thanks!!"

"As a former Ironman finisher, having completed 16 marathons (12 in one year), I was devastated when my orthopedic doctor diagnosed the pain in my toe while running the last two years as "Turf Toe." Nothing seemed to help, including rest; it would re-occur as soon I as ran. I ordered a X1 Blade, and have already logged 55 miles of PAIN-FREE running. Unbelievable... I'll likely order two more, one for my work shoes, and one for my gym shoes."

"My dad is a college football coach in Michigan. One of his wide recievers suffered from turf toe all preseason. After playing the first game he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to play the following week because of the pain. I recommended this turf toe insert for him. He loves it! He has not missed a game and will continue to play with it all season. I highly recommend it for athletes. Any player on this team who suffers from turf toe in the future will definitely be getting one. Thanks!"

"Amazing product. I'm a physician and marathon runner who had surgery for hallux rigidus. My gait had compensated by supinating which led to upstream dysfunctions. After a suggestion by UVA SPEED clinic (highly skilled biomechanists and therapists) I tried the turf toe plate. After first week my feet and form were thankful. I could roll through my large toe without pain and even felt added power as the product seemed to return energy. Hope to keep running for life. Mark in West Virginia"

"A huge step beyond anything that has been offered as a shoe stiffener for hallux rigidus. As a pedorthist who works exclusively with elite athletes I found these to be the best solution for today's athletic footwear."
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"My daughter plays basketball, softball, rodeos, and volleyball. She encountered a severe case of turf toe in November and was put in a walking boot for 8 weeks. We bought the sweetspot orthotic for both feet and she was able to continue training. She says there is a noticable difference when she is not wearing her inserts so we recently purchased a third one for her everyday shoes."

"I bought 2 of these inserts for my turf toe/hallux rigidus on both feet. I use them when I jog/power walk on my treadmill, and they allow me to work out with much less pain and a quicker recovery time. I endorse this product 100% - thanks Clyde."

"Medical advice is that my hallux rigidus is caused by irreversible wear and tear exacerbated by regular tennis. I was told I'd have to get used to the pain in walking, sports etc. Yesterday my X1 insert arrived and I took a brisk walk over a hill with minimal pain - remarkable - I'm very grateful for your ingenuity Clyde!"

We have used the X1 carbon fiber insert on athletes with turf toe at Butler University and have had great results! I would recommend it to any athlete suffering from turf toe!

"I agree with every one here - this insert works great!!! Additionally, the customer service Indiana Brace provided was EXCELLENT!!"

"Clyde- I am a physician runner and your X1 Sweetspot is doing the trick for my hallux rigidus. 2 months of use and the improvement is already 70% to 90% depending on the day and mileage. It only took about two to three runs for the foot to adapt. Please send me another one of those thin inserts (right 27)to wear in my shoes during office. Thanks Clyde."

"I'm 66, and two years ago I injured my right foot playing competitive tennis. Two doctors diagnosed the problem as stress fracture/arthritis of the Lisfranc joint (mid foot). A tennis friend recommended the Indiana Brace sweet spot insert. They provided me with a custom insert that has miraculously eliminated the pain when I play tennis 3-4x/week. Thanks, Clyde, for improving my quality of life."

"I am 54 and had Turf Toe diagnosed by an Orthopedic doc. After I used the Sweet Spot for a few days, all pain was gone, and symptoms soon went away as well.""I have utilized this product on many of my patients here in Indianapolis as well as placed a pair of the Rigid Shoe Stiffeners in my own father's shoes that he wears at work. As of yet I have not had a negative reaction or report from any of my patients. The design of the insert allows for normal walking motion without the flexing of the metatarsal joints and takes all the pressure off of arthritic feet and 1st MP injuries."

"These things really work. My son broke the sesmoid bone at the great toe joint near the end of the football season. By limiting extension at the joint the insert allowed him to finish football and go right into basketball all while the foot was healing. Thank you, Great Product!"

"My type of work requires me to be on my feet and bend down a lot. Throughout the years this has taken its toll and I have hallux valgus and arthritis of the big toe. I use one of Clyde's sweet spot shoe stiffners in my shoe. This has allowed me to function normally and without pain. Thank you"

"This provided the protection my son needed for his turf toe. cleats are made so soft now we need to add orthotics that can protect but allow flexibility for routes and cuts. This is the answer. our trainer said anyone with foot issues needs this. That's why we got one for the foot that wasn't hurt- thanks C lyde."

X1 Blade for Turf Toe Runners World Testimonial


Re: Toe joint pain/Hallux Rigidus relief
posted at 10/29/2009 8:37 AM CDT

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I had surgery in January 2009 to remove a bone spur on my left big toe. The doc said that this type of injury can stem from turf toe. I had turf toe in high school (10 years ago) and never got it treated. I began running longer distances (1 marathon, 2 halfs, 3rd in november) 2.5 years ago and started having issues last year with pain. I have the beginning of arthritis in the big toe joint.

I was contemplating a joint replacement but felt that this was too much too soon and just opted for the bone spur removal. I wasn't convinced that was going to work and felt it might prevent me even more from running. It took a while for me to get back into it as I didn't fully recover from the surgery for at least 3-4 months (doc said 1-2). He gave me a very stiff composite carbon graphite plate to put in my shoe but it definitely was not good for running as it stiffened the entire shoe and made running uncomfortable.

Luckily I found a different insert that is more flexible throughout but still stiff where you need it (beneath the big toe). It is called the X1 Blade turf toe insert made by Indiana Brace ( I found the X1 Blade for turf toe extremely helpful in getting back into running. I read testimonials and talked to Clyde Peach who makes them. I recommend this before any other surgery and wish I knew about the X1 Blade turf toe insole 10 years ago.

Best of luck.

Mike, 28