Wednesday, September 19, 2012

User Loves Clyde's X1 Blade for Running

ontact Name: Bill H Phone: 336-xxx-3703 Email Address: Comments or Questions: I just purchased on Sunday the "Pro" version of your X1 blade and LOVE it. I like to run, and have had surgery on both of my 1st toes to remove bone spurs, and recently had a turf toe injury to my left 1st toe, and the design of your othotic is perfect for me. I did just notice a different version of the blade with the reverse morton's extension. Does this blade allow the first toe to drop below the the other toes of the foot? From the photo on the website it appears the first toe is lower than the other toes. I like to cut out the first to of the removable foot sole of my shoes to let my first toe drop below the others, to reduce the degree that my foot bends backwards as I walk. I love the orthotic I have purchased for running so far, but thought the one with the reverse morton's extension might be nice for everyday walking use verses purchasing the "light" version, if the first toe is below the others.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

X1 Blade Modification for Hallux Rigidus Runner

Question from  Andrew C. Phone: XXX66640XX8 Email Address:
Hi Clyde, Recently received an X1 blade (runner) for hallux rigidis. Have found the blade good up to 15km runs but noticing a lack of flexability above this mileage. Was wondering if I would effect the structural soundness if I was to cut a scallop out of the carbon fibre on the non supported side to allow my 'working' toes more flexability. Thanks in advance

Answer from Clyde to Andrew: Yes, you can modify any part of an X1 Blade with a pair of scissors except for the Blade. Be sure and  wet sand the modified area to seal the material back together.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

X1 Blade Changes a Man's Life Who Suffered Hallux Rigidus

Contact Name: Tim D. Phone: 513-XXX-XXXX Email Address:
Comments or Questions:
 I recently ordered and received, more quickly than I imagined, an orthotic you make for Hallux Rigidus you call the X1 Blade.
  This has been an incredibly painful 30 year ailment for me. I was at the point that only very wide shoes could even be worn comfortably, and even then it was painful. I recently gave up and went to see an Orthopedic Podiatrist who explained what I have, not a bunion as I had thought for years.
  He mentioned an orthotic may help, but from a surgical standpoint he wanted to fuse the large toe joint. I was a bit taken aback.
  Your orthotic has changed my life. I am now walking with my small dog 2 1/2 to 3 miles daily. It used to be a block or two.
   I just wanted to thank you for your incredible service and offering a product, that for at least now puts me back into a somewhat normal lifestyle.

  Tim D. West Chester, Ohio

  Your welcome Tim!  Clyde