Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Turf Toe Insert / Canberra Raiders / Canberra, Australia

CLIENT: Canberra Raiders/Canberra, Australia
INJURY: Turf Toe / Tarsal Plate Injury
RX: Clyde's X1 GoBlade Pro Model
SPORT: Rugby
SPECS: WT (1.285oz)  (L) 28cm (W) 8cm (D) 2.51mm
Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317.445.1475

Monday, March 19, 2018

BraceBlogger O&P Podcast #35 - Recent O&P Grads Make Their Mark / MSOP Programs - Click Here

A reading and links from the February 2018 O&P Edge Magazine (pgs. 21 -26)"Recent Grads Prepare to Make Their Mark" by Betta Ferrendelli betta@opedge.com. Click Here

Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) O&P MSOP Program - Click Here
Shriners Hospital Houston Orthopedics - Click Here
Eastern Michigan O&P MSOP Program - Click Here
Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics O&P Residency  - Click Here
University of Texas O&P MSOP Program - Click Here
Becker Orthopedic -Click Here
Thranhardt Award (AOPA) - Click Here
Northwestern University O&P MSOP Program - Click Here
Dankmeyer Prosthetics & Orthotics - Click Here
Range of Motion Project (ROMP) - Click Here
University Of Washington O&P MSOP Program - Click Here
Creative Technology O&P Solutions Residency - Click Here
Alabama State University O&P MSOP Program - Click Here
Limbs4Life - Click Here

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Broken Nose Mask - Clyde’s Hoosier Model

3/14/15 PA: Bryan C./Portland, OR INJURY: Broken Nose RX: Clyde’s DuPont Surlyn Hoosier model (not orthopedic grade polycarbonate) SPORT: Basketball HISTORY: 6’2” Male 187lbs.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

BraceBlogger O&P Podcast #34 Today's Prosthetic Consumer - Robert Poirier, Walking on Air

A reading and links from the January 2018 Edge Magazine pg. 46-48 describes a persons transfemoral amputation in 1964 and the progress in prosthetic care he received from 1964 to the present 2018. Very interesting article by Betta Ferrendelli betta@opedge.com.

Transfemoral Amputation - Click Here
Amputee Connection Redlands, CA - Click Here
Southern California Prosthetics (SCP) - Click Here
Freedom Innovations Plie 2 Knee - Click Here
Double Wall Transfemoral Socket System - Click Here
Freedom Innovations Plie 3 Knee - Click Here
Freedom Innovations Maverick AT Foot - Click Here
K3 Market (K Levels) - Click Here

Saturday, March 10, 2018

BraceBlogger O&P Podcast #33 - Government Policy Influence - Click Here

A reading from the January 2018 Edge Magazine "Policy Influence and Clinical Realities" auuthored by Richard W. Miller, CO, FAAOP.

NAAOP - National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics - Website Click Here

AAOP - American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists - Website Click

BIPA - Click Here for Information
Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetic Improvement Act 2017 - Click Here

O&P Alliance - Click Here

LCD - Click Here

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Jaw Fracture - Hoosier Jaws Mask / Volleyball


PA: Thomas M./Des Plaines, IL

INJURY: bilateral jaw fracture to body of mandible

HISTORY: male, 5’11”, 148lbs

RX: Clyde's Hoosier Facemask - Jaws Model DuPont Surlyn


SPORT: Volleyball

HISTORY: male, 5'11",148lbs - Order taken 3/5/18 @11:21PM

PLAN: Fabricate Hoosier Jaws mask per measurements submitted

SX: Shipped 3/6/18 by UPS Ground


Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317-445-1475

Broken Nose - Hoosier Mask #6724 / Jiu Jitsu

Justin S./Redlands, CA
INJURY: Broke Nose
RX: Clyde's Hoosier Mask for Broken Nose
SPORT: Jiu Jitsu
HISTORY: male, 6', 175lbs
Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317-445-1475

Monday, March 5, 2018

BraceBlogger O&P Podcast #32 - Where Healthcare Policy Comes From - Click Here

A reading from an article published in The O&P Edge January 2018 authored by John T. Brinkmann, MA, CPO/L, FAAOP(D).

"HealthCare Policy - Where It Comes From And How To Change It"

Sources of Health Policy by Susan Taft, PhD, BSN - Click here

Local Coverage Determination (LCD's) - Click Here

Political Astuteness Article - 2013 - Click Here

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Turf Toe - X1 Blade #7643 to Dublin, Ireland

3/1/18 BUYER: Leinster Rugby/ Dublin, Ireland INJURY: Turf Toe RX: Clyde's Original X1 Blade Standard Toe Lever (STDTL) http://indianabrace.com/clydesorigina... SPECS: (WT) 1.2oz (L) 28.5cm (W) 8.5cm (D) 0.96mm ... All composite contoured Triflex construction using uniquely hand layered bidirectional and unidirectional carbon fiber, fiberglass, and ShearBan.Designed to allow natural and unrestricted ankle motion while relieving painful great toe. www.indianabrace.com Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317.445.1475

BraceBlogger O&P Podcast #31 MIPS: What Is It for O&P? - Click Here

A full reading of an article in the January 2018 of The O&P Edge written by Phil Steven's, MEd, CPO, FAAOP concerning "Medicare's Strategy to Reimburse for Value Over Volume".

MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) - Click Here

CMS Quality Payment Program - Click Here

SA Ignite (Execution Management Specialists of MIPS)- Click Here