Saturday, September 17, 2016

X1 Blade Testimonial - James / Bristol Rugby - X1 Blade Great Help! / Turf Toe Injury

 Sep 17, 2016
X1 Blade Pro

Hello Clyde. 

Your insole has been a great help. The product is slimline and leaves plenty of room unlike others if tried. 

Can you remind me what size I ordered? Is it possible for you to send me an invoice? For another pair? 

Regards James 

Bristol Rugby

Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Self-Adjusting TKE to Broomfield, CO

One of my new self-lengthening TKE's (terminal knee extender) is being shipped to Christina L. in Broomfield, Colorado. Christina has a 35 degree knee flexion contracture post-op total knee replacement. She has been renting the knee extensionator without much success.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

X1 Blade Testimonial - Ryan P./Vancouver, WA - turf toe/hallux rigidus pain relief!

X1 Blade
Absolutely LOVE this insole!
Got it for my right foot after turf toe surgery on my left great toe. Couldn't play rugby for 7 years until i got your product for my surgically repaired foot. Now I just want to protect my noninjured right foot with the same insole.
Thank you for an amazing product!

Ryan P./Vancover, WA - X1 Blade #7216 turf toe/rugby/Pro model ordered 6/28/16