Monday, October 31, 2016

Hoosier Face Mask - Broken Nose - Basketball - New Ulm, MN

Hoosier basketball face mask to New Ulm, MN

Hoosier Madrid Model Face Mask / Broken Nose/ Soccer

Hoosier Madrid Mask to Hamilton College

Neuroma - X1 Neuroma Blade to Tilsonburg, Ontario Canada

                                              X1 Neuroma Blade - 2nd and 3rd Entrapment

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

X1 Blade Testimonial Hallux Rigidus / Port Townsend, WA

X1 Blade Runners

We've each been using the X1Blades for many years. We retired a few years ago and have been hiking in rugged desert and mountain terrain (over 1000 miles per year the last couple). We're convinced the X1 Blade has allowed us to continue enjoying the lifestyle we love. Thanks so much.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter H./ Port Townsend, WA / X1 Blade # 7302; 7303