Monday, August 31, 2015

8/29 David P. - Horsham Victoria, Australia Ordered 3rd X1 Blade - They work!


Hi Clyde,

I have had hallux rigidus for approximately 10 years and this will be my third blade.

They work!

David P./ Horsham Victoria, Australia

Monday, August 17, 2015

X1 Blade #6605, it's great - Amy M./Zionsville, IN

X1 Blade Pro Model


Hi Clyde,

I received the X Blade, it's great! Toe pain subsided in a few days and all is well with that foot.

Thanks,  Amy M.

Amy M./Zionsville, IN / X1 Blade #6605 0rdered 7/29/15/ arthritis great toe

Sunday, August 9, 2015

X1 Blade #400 Ordered 8/14/2009 Works Great! Want to Order Another. - Scott/ Austin, TX



I got one of your X1 Blades for turf toe awhile back (6 years ago) and it works great! I want to buy another.



Scott M../Austin, TX/ X1 Blade #400 ordered 8/14/2009 turf toe injury

Monday, August 3, 2015

X1 Blade Gives Immediate Relief to Runner

Subject: X1 Blade Question

X1 Blade Pro Model
Hi Clyde,
  Been suffering through hallux limitus for about a year now and picked up an X1 Blade from you a few months ago.  I got the "runner" version which works great and provided immediately relief for runs up to about 15 miles, but I would start to feel joint pain on runs longer than that, so I found I also needed to cut out the great toe section of my shoe's insert to add to the depth of the depression for my big toe to make running pain free.  Thinking about ordering the "pro" version and was just wondering how much deeper the depression is on that vs. the runner version in hopes I wouldn't have to cut into my insert if I got that one.  
Thanks in advance...