Friday, August 24, 2012

Rugby Player / Turf Toe / X1 Blade

Question for Clyde: Hi . My brother got turf toe about 4 years ago and he bought an X1 Blade for his rugby boot while he recouped from the injury. I want to get a similar product, and i hope you still have them, It is my right foot, and i jammed the entire foor head on, but the brunt of the injury centered around the big toe, therefore acting much like a turf toe injury. I want to start playing again so do you have a product , i am a 12 US, i want to make sure that it will fit in my boots and that i can still get my foot in okay? if all is good then i need to buy it , how do i go about doing that? luc pearson

Clyde's Answer: Go to my website -  click Clyde's X1 Blade by injury on the home page (upper left hand side) - get the Pro turf toe model. Or just click on this link.

Mid-Foot Sprain X1 Blade - Harvard Football

ASK CLYDE: Hi Clyde, I ordered a blade insert for my son 1.5 years ago when he had a Jones fracture on his left foot during senior season of high school. The product worked well. He is now a 6'5" 285lb left XXXXXX for Harvard and just yesterday was diagnosed with an early stress fracture in his right foot. It is not as high up the foot as a Jones fracture. It's more towards the mid foot. Should be fine in 3-4 weeks wearing a boot but I want to make sure he gets a little support in the cleat when he's ready to come back. Can you advise which model he should be using?? Regards, Tony F. 617-XXX-XXXX.

ANSWER:   Dear Tony .........For healing mid-foot stress fracture injuries I suggest my medium density shoe stiffner to play in. .........Wow - playing at Harvard - please say hi to your son for me. Clyde.

Click on link to: Clyde's Famous Shoe Stiffners

Thursday, August 23, 2012

X1 Blade for 5th Metatarsal Fx - Offensive Lineman

   I received a call this morning from an orthopaedic surgeons physicians assistant from Central Indiana Orthopaedic (CIO) in Muncie. The call concerned a Ball state offensive lineman who had sustained a 5th metatarsal fracture (Jones fracture) during the early summer.
  The PA explained that the player had had the fracture pinned by a orthopaedic surgeon from his home town, but the fixation had failed, but the fracture was healing and his orthopaedic surgeon didn't want to repin it.
   He said, "we understand that you make a special insert that will unload and protect the players fracture site during practice and during games while the fracture  heals."
   I said that I did, and that it was my X1 Blade for 5th metatarsal fractures.
   He asked me if I would contact the players athletic trainer at Ball State and arrange to get an X1 Blade for the player's healing 5th metatarsal fracture. I said that I would.
  I contacted the Ball State head athletic trainer. The athletic trainer went to my website and clicked on Clyde's X1 Blades by Injury  that led him to the 5th metatarsal fracture while we spoke. After he familiarized himself with my X1 Blade for 5th metatarsal fracture he ordered the Blade for his player.
  I shipped a size 14 X1 Blade for 5th metatarsal fractures (Jones fx).


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pain from Broken Sesamoid Bone

Question for Clyde: Contact Name: Annette Phone: 320 XXX XXXX Email Address: Comments or Questions: broke sesamoid bone on behind big toe and on the ball of foot looking for ready made insole to keep me up off that area Plus pad for the other foot so I don't damage that one also do you have this? 
Answer: Yes, I have a very good insert for a fracture of the sesamoid bone. It is my X1 Blade Reverse Morton's Extension insert. It has a offset area under the great toe for unloading and pressure relief and a reinforement blade for stability. It is made of composite materials so is  ery thin (.040") and light (.070 oz.) and can be transferred easily from shoe to shoe. It is an excellent answer to relieve the pain caused by a fractured sesamoid.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hallux Rigidus with Bone Spur - Farmer Avoiding Surgery

Client:  Farmer from Xenia, OH called today for consultation.

Self-Diagnosis: Hallux Rigidus with Bone Spur. Client desired to avoid surgery if possible, and would cancel appointment with orthopaedic surgeon in Dayton until he tried the X1 Blade

Product  Recommendation: X1 Blade with Reverse Morton's Extension with moderate bounce. I chose this product to give the user more room in the toe box and help with ambulation. I explained donning and doffing over the phone and that he could return the Blade for a full refund if he was not satisfied.

Result of Consultation: He ordered the X1 Blade with Revese Morton's Extension size 9 men's and will cancel orthopaedic surgeons appointment.

Clyde Peach, CO /


Chronic Turf Toe Relief - D1 Football

"I tried to make the finest turf toe/hallux rigidus insert in the world" Blade #4798 shipped 8/21/2012 to: Greenville, NC East Carolina University Football ( Pro model/chronic turf toe/D1 football)
- Clyde Peach, CO
  ABC - Certified Orthotist - #1321

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hallux Rigidus Releif by Using X1 Blade


Contact Name: Konrad S. Phone: 707 829 XXXX Email Address: Comments or Questions: Clyde, I spoke to you on the phone a while back about the problem I was having with my X1 Blade. Since then I have tried to post the benefits of your orthotic on YouTube. I am not sure you ever received the comment. I still would like people to know the relief I have gotten with your X1 Blade. Can you send me a link that I could post on? Thanks Konrad Schoffer 


Clyde Peach

Answer from Clyde:

Dear Konrad - thank you so much for your efforts. If you have a YouTube account click on the following link to post your testimonial


2428808246.  Glad your X1 Blade is performing up to your expectation. Clyde Peach

X1 Blades Take Up Less Room in a Shoe

Question - Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 6:56 AM, <> wrote:

Contact Name: Phil G. Phone: 210 XXX 4841 Email Address: Comments or Questions: i have hallux limitus. I use stiff carbon inserts under my running shoe insoles that work pretty well but they take up too much space in my dress shoes that I wear every day, plus, they require an insole to cover them up which uses more space. Do your X1's require an insole to cover them? Do you find that they require a larger shoe size to avoid painful pressure on the toe joint?

Answer from Clyde

Dear Mr. Green -

The X1 Blades are less stiff and very thin  requiring much less space in a shoe than do regular carbon fiber plates. You can walk directly on the top of the X1 Blades without top cover for normal walking, because of the Blades smooth upper surface. Depending on the shoes upper depth and last  it is not normally necessary to move into a larger shoe size to accommodate an X1 Blade. Thank for your question. Clyde

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Clyde's OTS Basketball Face Mask - It's Great!

Mr. Spenser
Robert Spenser (New York, NY) 7/11/2012 6:03 PM
very effective, well-made custom facemask. i purchased it for my son to use in basketball and it's been great.

X1 Blade Allows User to Avoid Great Toe Surgery

X1 blade really works!
Mark Powell (Gland, Vaud)
I have suffered from big toe pain for years. I finally sought help when it got too bad to ignore. Years of running and basketball led to hallus limitus/rigidus in both feet that was recommended for surgery by a podiatrist. I declined to have surgery, and bought two X1 blades instead. I can run and play basketball with virtually no pain, and I can walk pain-free for the first time in years. I shopped a lot via internet before choosing what to buy, I thought the X1 blades seemed like the best bet, and I'm completely happy with them. I enthusiastically recommend X1 blades to people with hallux limitus/rigidus who want to remain active and avoid surgery.

X1 Blades for Hallux Rigidus Prevents Users Toe Surgery

X1 is A-1
John Van Deusen (Berwick, ME) 
I’ve suffered from Hallux Rigidus in both feet for several years causing considerable pain even walking. My orthopedic Doctor told me surgery was the only fix! I’ve tried several forms of plates and insoles over the years with very limited success. Since getting the X1’s three weeks ago, my toes are feeling better than they have literally in years. I realize the joints are still toast but the pain is all but gone! Direct your feet to the sunny side of the street and buy these things, they work!

X1 Blade Helps Users Hallux Limitus Post-op Pain

Sr Building Inspector-City of Santa Cruz
mike baldwin (watsonville, CA)
I have advanced bi-lateral Hallux Limitus and am 8 weeks post-op from an osteotomy on my right foot. I purchased Clydes X1 Blade for both feet, these things are great! They are reducing the post- op pain on my right foot substantially and the way my left foot feels may eliminate the need for surgery on it!! Thanks Clyde

X1 Turf Toe Blade Helps A Runner with Hallux Rigidus

Its working for me, thank you
alan piggot (Miami, FL)
In Nov 2010 I injured my big toe surfing. Basically my toe was hyperflexed upwards and to the side horizontally towards my other toes. I was in a lot of pain just walking. If anything (like my dogs jumping on me while I was on the couch) pushed my toe sideways towards the other toes it was excruciatingly painful. I limped around trying hard sole shoes etc, but it was not improving. I looked at other plates on-line and I don't know why/how I ended up with this site, but I called and told the guy what my problem was and he recommended the Hiker Blade for me because I am 28, 165lbs, 5'9 and active (not since november though). I was stressed about how much it was but after 3 days of normal day to day walking with the blade, I could tell a huge difference. It has been about 3 weeks of wearing it everyday and the pain in my toe when walking is non existent. Walking barefoot, I barely have to limp around, I am almost walking totally normal. The best part about the blade, is that i went jogging last week for the first time and I think it functions better under a jog than it does walking! Whatever these guys did to engineer this, they did it right. I have been jogging three times since then. It is March 2011 now and I am finally getting some relief. Highly recommend this.

X1 Turf Toe Blade - Football

Evan (Walnut Creek, CA) 
I injured my left foot during football practice resulting in turftoe and a bruised sesamoid. Due to my size, the first foot blade i had actually cracked in half. My Orthopeidic Surgeon did some research and refered me to this product. It appears to be the best one out there for my application. Thanks, go Vikings!