Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lateral Heel & Sole Wedges Improve OA KneePain

 I have been fabricating an orthotic (Clyde's OA Insert) since the mid-90's based on a 1993 article released by The Center for Hip and Knee Surgery in the Orthopaedic Review titled "Use of Lateral Heel and Sole Wedges in the Treatment of Medial Osteoarthritis on the Knee." The article confirmed two 1987 articles written  in Japan that reported success in using lateral heel wedges in the treatment medial osteoarthritis (OA).
  The physicians at The Center for Hip and Knee Surgery used a removeable shoe insert with 3/16" sole and 1/4" heel wedge. The orthotic could be moved from shoe to shoe. Their study was conducted between August 1987 and February 1989 on 121 knees. All patients were evaluated using the HSS knee scoring system prior to insertion of the wedge and on follow-up visits. The HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery) Pain Scoring System ia a method for evaluating knee pain.
  The result: 38% of the wedge wearers had little or no pain for an excellent result with 50% having a good result using the HSS scale for knee arthroplasty.
  Conclusion: Lateral heel and sole wedges may have a place in the conservative treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.

  Now in August 2012 comes a biomechanical research study published in Gait & Posture from the United Kingdom that compares lateral wedge insoles and valgus braces for treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee.
  The UK study surprisingly indicated that adducting the knee mechanically from a external source (valgus brace) actually speeds the progression of knee OA. And that really the only significant clinical difference in patient outcomes was that the lateral-wedged insole had a greater amount of patient acceptance.
  Further the researchers concluded that the lateral wedges had a greater effect. Thus confirming the 1987 Japanese study and the 1993 article from The Center for Hip and Knee Surgery.

These results do not surprise me since I have had great success treating OA knee pain using a super thin and flexible composite insole for max stability and wedging it at the heel 1/4" and 3/16" at the sole.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Clyde's X1 Blade vs Great Toe Surgey in Spain

Contact Name: Adriana B. Phone: +34 616 XXXXXXX Email Address: Comments or Questions: Just by chance heard of your X1 Blades orthotic. And I´m really excited as all the doctors I have consulted insist on fixing my big toe wth all the pain of the operation plus costs and having a rigid toe. I would like to try your light X1 Blade for hallux rigidus in the right foot. I´m really sorry but I don´t understand your size measurement. My shoe size is 38 continental european. Which size is it in your measurement? Do you send X1 Blades abroad? Thank you very much for your help and hope to hear from you quite soon. Yours sincerely M. Adriana block

Dear Adiana - The conversion for a continental shoe size 38 is a women's size 8 men's size 7.  Yes ship X1 Blades all over the world. Clyde

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Clyde's X1 Blade for Trail Runner with Great Toe Arthritis

Contact Name: Charlotte MacXxxxxxxx Phone: 403-XXX-XXXX Email Address:
Comments or Questions:
     Have arthritis in 1st metatarsal joint with bone spur. Quite limited range of motion in big toe. Foot doctor suggested X1 blade.
     I am trying to figure out difference between -X1 Blade turf toe and hallux rigidus- and -X1 Blade with Reverse Morton's Extension for the Treatment of Hallux Limitus, Hallux Rigidus with Bone Spur, or Sesamoiditis.
    I am a very active athlete. Main sports are trail/mountain running and orienteering - so frequently running on uneven surfaces. Will definitely try an X1 blade - just need some help to pick the right one. Thanks! Charlotte

Charlotte - Order one of my X1 Blades with reverse Morton's modification since you have a bone spur. It shoud really helpClyde

Clyde's X1 Blade User Always Pain Free

Contact Name: Katrina O'XXXXXXX Phone: 978XXXXXXX Email Address: Comments or Questions:
    I have had one of your shoe inserts for my hallux rigidus for a year now and am always pain free when I wear it. It has allowed me to keep up with my weekly walks to stay in shape.
   However, there is one problem that is making it more difficult for me to choose to use the insert - it squeaks! I think it rubs up against the shoe's original insert. I have tried waxing it and wiping it with furniture polish to no avail. I can't put another layer between the insert and the shoe's insert because my shoe will be too tight.
    Has anyone else complained about a squeaking problem? Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this problem? Thanks.

Clyde's Response - Wrap the edges with black electrical tape.

Clyde's Hoosier OTS Face Mask - Basketball Player

Contact Name: Darrel Phone: 323-XXX-XXXX Email Address: Comments or Questions: I have a broken nose and am looking for a good nose guard/mask to wear during basketball games. I've tried all of the ones currently offered commercially, but none of them fit well. They all obstruct my vision and I'm sure you know, that's one of the most important aspects of the game. Especially when you're a point guard! Basketball season has recently started and I can't miss any practice nor games, so I'd need something right now. Could you if you have the appropriate gear for me? Thank you very much!

Response - Darrell my Hoosier OTS model would be perfect - no vision issue as with most off-the-shelf face guards,  great protection, and you can get it FedEx overnight. Clyde

Monday, November 19, 2012

Marathoner Impressed with Clyde's X1 Blade

Hi Clyde, I'm really impressed with the X1 Blade which you sent me earlier this month. The fit is perfect, no trimming needed, you're not aware of having it in the running shoe and it takes enough flexion out of the big toe joint for it to be absolutely pain-free, both during the running and in the day following. I'm moving outside to do some roadwork this week, and have every faith that the blade will continue to perform to expectations as I build up to marathon distance. Thanks for this excellent product! I have recommended it to running colleagues and my orthopaedic surgeon.
Best wishes , A. Green ______________________________