Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Contact Name: Olin B. Phone: 205-XXX-XXXX Email Address: opXXXXX@hotmail.com Comments or Questions: I bought three of the lightest X1 blades and they have worked well, but some of my shoes have more flexible soles than others. Can the blades be retrofitted to a more rigid level? Thanks.
Clyde's Response - I would suggest you move up to my X1 Blade Shoe Stiffner - medium density.

Friday, June 22, 2012

X1 Blade with Reverse Morton's Extension - Ideal Applications

 A super light weight  (.07 oz.) and extremely thin (.04") energy storing orthotic with reverse Morton's extension. Created by Clyde Peach, CO (ABC Certified Orthotist - 1978) of Indiana Brace to treat patients with sesamoiditis or hallux limitus.

Ideal application

  Hallux Limitus - Clyde's X1's Blade with reverse Morton's extension reduces joint motion and off-loads the 1st ray reducing the jamming effect of functional hallux limitus. The X1 Blade's energy shell has multiple density zones so as  not to limit the entire foot, but adds an energy pop at toe off to help normalize assymetric gait.
  Sesamoiditis - Clyde's X1 Blade with reverse Morton's extension - the reverse Morton's extension off-loads the painful sesamoids while at the same time  stabilizing them. The X1 Blade's energy shell has multiple density zones so as not to limit the entire foot. The X1 Blade also adds an energy pop at toe off to help normalize assymetric gait.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bunion Pain Relief - Paula from Muncie Indiana

I acquired a pair of the inserts with the popper effect. I was having problems with my left great toe; I have an early bunion starting there and when I do yoga it makes it very difficult to do many of the positions that require you to be on your toes especially anything that puts you in extension at the great toe joint. So I started using the X1 Blade  Poppers and I can do it pain free. I can do lunges which I had given up because I wasn’t able to push off from that extension moment at the great toe and I’ve noticed if I wear them in my shoes either in clinic or doing work around my farm on rough ground there’s a lot less pain in my great toe at the end of the day. So I’ve been recommending the X1 Blade Poppers to some of my patients. 
Paula D. Henry, PT

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I need bunion pain relief! Beverly from Ft. Collins, CO

PA: 73 year old female  -Beverly  from Ft. Collins, Colorado
Diagnosis: Right Foot Bunion Pain
Size: Woman's size 5
Comments: This very nice lady called me from Fort Collins yesterday to explain that she had been diagnosed by a podiatrist with bunion pain, and that all the orthotics he wanted to sell her were far to expensive for someone on a fixed income. She said that while researching on the web for a helpful less expensive orthotic with her diagnosis she stumbled across my website. So she called to ask for my suggestion as to what type of X1 Blade that might be helpful.
Suggseted Solution: I suggested one of my X1 Blade Popper -XX Thin XX Light Insert for bunion pain. 
Dimensions - Woman's Size 5 - 23 cm length / .030' thick / .07 oz. ----- Price $49.99
Resolution: At 5:12 PM on June 18, 2012 Beverly from Ft. Collins ordered 1 Right X1 Blade Popper from the Indiana Brace Store priced at $49.99 plus $5.50 USPS shipping.

Hallux Rigidus Pain Relief - Flipped X1 Blades

    A physician called me last week from San Diego who has been using bilateral X1 Blades to treat his hallux rigidus. He said that his left X1 Blade wasn't working as well as it had when he first bought the pair 9 months earlier in controlling his hallux rigidus pain. I suggested - by text - that he take the right X1 Blade flip it over and put it in his left shoe and take the left X1 Blade and flip it over and put it in his right shoe.  I wrote that the effect would be to create a more rigid forefoot insert and that it would add more spring at toe off.    
    I also told him several X1 Blade customers were using "flipped" X1 Blades and liked them better that way.
   He called me that afternoon, "Wow, Clyde thanks for the text. Your a genius. I did what you suggested and my feet have never felt better. I love these flipped X1 Blades - my toe pain is gone again."

Monday, June 18, 2012

Turf Toe - Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatment

Question from Ben? Clyde, I am interested in purchasing your X1 Blade to help relieve the pain in my diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon as turf toe. You only have full sizes - if I wear a half size should I order larger or smaller X1 Blade. I am a professional tennis player with turf toe what model should I order?
Answer - Order The Player model larger size - you can trim at heel with scissors for half sizing.  
Response - Thank you so much Clyde for such a quick response.  I will order a Player X1 Blade for my turf toe pain now! Ben

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rx for X1 Blade for Turf Toe Treatment in Kansas City

Received a call from an attorney in Kansas City who had just gotten a prescription from his orthopaedic surgeon for an X1 Blade as treatment for the turf toe pain he had been struggling with for 6 months. "Yeah, my doctor and Iboth found you online independently." he said over the phone. "He wrote a prescription for one of your X1 Blades for turf toe and told me to use it constantly for six to eight weeks?so the X1 Blade can help heal my turf toe." I I recommended the X1 Blade Player model for turf toe pain since he wants to resume playing tennis.

Turf Toe and Hallux Rigidus Inserts- Raising the Bar!

Two new X1 Blade products to treat turf toe and hallux rigidus were introduced today on the Indiana Brace website. The products are:
."The Runner X1 Blade" The Runner X1 Blade(average density .041" weight 1.2 oz. with average energy return Sweet-Spot) - Suggested use -  moderate activity - jogging, golf, tennis, back-packing - $89.95 ea.
"The Pro X1 Blade" has an added layer of Blue Shearban to reduce shear forces under the great toe (average density .060" weight 1.4 oz. with a maximum energy return Sweet-Spot) suggested use football, basketball, soccer, rugby) -  $99.95 ea.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

From Runner's World Forum


Anything to help turf toe problems? 


I have turf toe and I want to heal quicker, but since I have to walk so often I don't think it'll heal as quickly. Is there any shoe inserts that would help? The ones I use are just for cushion and they haven't made a difference.

You could try the X1 Blade shoe inserts:

I've also heard of people running in trail shoes that have a stiff "rock stop" plate in the forefoot. 

I have a similar problem, though it's in the first knuckle of the big toe instead of the MT joint. I can flex my toe up and down but I can't bend it. I find that a little padding under the MT joint works pretty well for me. Dr. Scholl's Molefoam padding is cheap and easy to use. I cut off a piece of molefoam about the size of two fingers and attach it to the under side of my sock liner, just about there the metal "blade" in the X1 orthotic is. Again,, something like that might work for you too, but it really depends on how bad your turf toe is. 

Turf Toe Treatment for Football

Contact Name: Pete S. Phone: 320-xxx-xxxx Email Address: petexxxxx@yahoo.com Comments or Questions: Clyde, I recieved your voice message and returned as requested the broken X-1 Blade for turf toe for replacement. My tracking number states you recieved the broken turf toe brace on on May 29th. I am wondering when I can expect the new X1 Turf Toe Blade to arrive? My son needs it to alleviate his turf toe symptoms during his training session for football. Thanks again for the great product to treat my sons turf toe injury, Pete S. .....Answer: Dear Pete your son's size 29 left X1 Turf Toe Blade is shipping today. Glad to hear the X1 Blade turf toe version is helping alleviate your son's turf toe pain during his current training regimine. Clyde

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Severe Hallux Rigidus Uses Hiker X1 Blade - Q&A

Questions from S.R.: "Clyde, I wanted to get a second X1 Blade to have a backup. I have the Hiker model for my severe hallux rigidus. I couldn't figure out the difference between your new Reverse Morton's Extension model for hallux limitus and sesamoiditis and the regular Hiker model I am currently using. Is hallux rigidus more severe than hallux limitus?"....Clyde: "Yes,in many cases." S.R.: "OK,so I'm better off with the Hiker?" .....Clyde - "Is the Hiker model working for you?" S.R.: "Yes, if I place the Hiker model X1 Blade in my shoe first then place my "altered" orthotic on top. The alteration to the orthotic you ask? I cut-away the material from the orthotic that is directly under my big toe. It allows my big toe to have a little extra down angle. The modification has made a huge difference along with your X1 Blade. Much less pain and minimal swelling".....Clyde: "I think based on what you have told me that my new Reverse Morton's offset design will certainly help."S.R.: "OK, I'll order one and try it."

Hoosier Soccer Protective Facemask to Dublin, Ireland

I had a soccer player's father in Dublin, Ireland text me last week to see if he could get a Hoosier OTS facemask for his son who had broken his nose while playing in a recent soccer match. The dad wanted to make certain that he would be able receive the mask before June 9th. His next biggest match. I said yes, and recommended we use FedEx as the carrier. He agreed and placed the order Friday June 1, 2012 at 9:00 AM EST. The latest tracking information as of today (June 6, 2012 10:42 AM) from FedEx is that the Hoosier OTS soccer facemask will be delivered to his residence in Dublin, Ireland on June 7, 2012 before 12:00 PM. Not bad. Clyde

Hallux Rigidus Runner Wants Bilateral X1 Blades

Contact Name: Mark L. Phone: 804-xxx-xxxx Email Address: xxxxxxxx@verizon.net Comments or Questions: Hello, I'm intersted in ordering the "Hiker" model, for both left and right feet, in a size 10 but don't see that size as available on your website. Will it perhaps be available soon? I'm a marathon runner with Hallux Rigidus and am in dire need of these! Thanks, Mark L. ............. Answer Mark, The men's sizes are right next to the women's sizes on the order page. Clyde

Monday, June 4, 2012

Turf Toe with Cavus Arch - An X1 Blade Q&A

Question ----Contact Name: C.F. Phone: 970-xxx-xxxx Email Address: Cxxxx@hydrogeo.com Comments or Questions: I think I have turf toe. I see your orthotics are flat. I have a high arch - do you have something for both conditions? ----- Clyde's answer - I recommend the X1 Blade with Reverse Morton's Extension in combination with DJO's Archrival shoe insert for cavus feet. Clyde
Contact Name: Fiona Phone: 0208 xxx xxxx Email Address: hot.txxxxx.xxxx@hotmail.co.uk Comments or Questions: Hi there, I believe when I fell very badly, almost a year ago now, that I broke my 2nd toe of my left foot. It has slowly become more and more crooked/deformed. It started with the first joint becoming rigid. Now the 2nd joint is causing my toe to be almost bent in half! I cannot wear ANYTHING apart from a 2year old pair of soft, leather pumps. I had Morton's Neuroma operated on in 2008. I used to be a ballet dancer & was fit as a fiddle. Obviously, I couldn't exercise during the many years of pain, prior to my neurectomy. Now, I can get about, using my car, sadly, I can't walk at the speed I would like to; sometimes I have pain on walking [due to my ? badly broken toe]. I'd like to go the gym; if only to do half hour on the rowing machine [less impact on the feet]. I'm not sure if I should go to the gym, as I don't want to aggravate my toe. My first ortho. appt. is not till August [NHS!] but I'm seeking a private opinion, sooner. Would any of your insoles be of benefit to me? In winter boots, I still wear [and still need] the hospital-prescribed insoles, post-Morton's Neuroma excision. Thank you. I'm rather excited, as the testimonials I've read are very encouraging! I want to get back to the way I was, before the fall. I'm a Registered Nurse, working in several schools, so need to be very mobile. Regards, F. ------------- Clyde's response - I suggest an X1 Blade medium shoe stiffner with a pair of New Balance MW 928's.

Latest X1 Blade Orders with Diagnosis

The latest 2012 X1 Blade® shipped to: Cincinnati, OH "Called Clyde to Order...Referral from Lone Star Orthopaedics... 6/4/2012 10:03 AM" (Hiker model/hallux rigidus/aerobic exercise) - New South Wales, Australia "Online Order 6/2/2012 8:08 PM" (Pro model/turf toe/martial arts) - St. Louis, MO "Online Order 6/2/2012 11:20 AM" (Hiker model/hallux rigidus/running) - Philadelphia, PA "Online Order 6/2/2012 10:30 AM" (Hiker model/hallux rigidus/ADL) - Briarcliff Manor, NY "Order Online 6/2/2012 10:13 AM" (Hiker model/hallux rigidus/soccer)