Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Podcast #30 O&P Documentation Part 3 (Final) - Click Here

Final reading from the January 2018 Edge Magazine "How to Hit the Mark with Documentation" by Maria St. Louis-Sanchez

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Podcast #29 O&P Documentation Part 2 - Click Here

Part 2 of a reading from an article authored by Maria St. Louis-Sanchez in the January 2018 The O&P Edge magazine (pg. 24). "How to Hit the Mark With Documentation"

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Podcast #28 O&P Documentation Part 1 - Click Here

A reading from the January 2018 issue of the The O&P Edge authored by Maria S. Louis-Sanchez.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Broken Nose Mask - Austin Peay State University


Austin Peay State University/Clarksville, TN

INJURY: Broken nose

SPORT: Basketball

RX: Hoosier model custom face mask

HISTORY: female, 5’6”, 142lbs

Call Clyde 800-253-6217 TXT: 317-445-1475

Hoosier Masks 2/01/17 thru 2/23/17

Samuel S./Nashville, TN "Online Order 2/23/17" (broken nose/baseball/Hoosier model clear) - Morgan H./Rutherfordton, NC "Online Order 2/21/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model black) - Jonathan D./Lake Oswego, OR "STAT Online Order 2/15/17"(broken nose/soccer/Madrid mask black) - Jennifer D./Seattle, WA STAT Online Order 2/15/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid mask black) - Matt S./Devonport, Tasmania "Online Order 2/12/17" (broken nose/basketball/Madrid mask black) - Isabella V./ San Marcos, CA "Online Order 2/11/17" (broken nose/ water polo / Madrid mask black) - Megan Z./West Chester, PA "Online Order 2/6/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid mask black) - Jason H./Mobile, AL "Online Order 2/6/17" (broken nose with orbit fracture/baseball/Raptor model clear) - Carlos S./Dayton, OH "Online Order  2/4/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model black) - Gina E./Ormond Beach, FL "Order Online STAT 2/3/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model clear) - Glen A./Katy, TX "Online Order STAT 2/2/17" (broken nose/soccer/Madrid model clear) - American Orthopedic/Lafayette, IN "Online Order STAT 2/1/17" (broken nose/basketball/Hoosier model clear) 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Cheek Fracture - Hoosier Mask #6706 to Southwestern Oklahoma U.

2/16/18 Southwestern Oklahoma State University/Weatherford, OK (right cheek fracture/basketball/Raptor model/DuPont Surlyn clear)

Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317.445.1475

Hallux Rigidus - X1 Blade #7635 to Ben C./Springfield, MO

2/14/18 - Ben C./Springfield, MO “X1 Blade #7635” INJURY: Hallux Rigidus SPORT: Running MODEL: X1 GOBLADE

Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317.445.1475

Podcast #26 Click Here

1. Industry Review . - "Adaptive Prothetics Opens Third Office" , "FTC Challenges Ottobock, Freedom Merger" pg.14

2.Advertisement - Engineered Silicon Products pg. 15

3. Sports: "30th Annual Hartford Ski Spectacular" pg.16

4. Advertisement - Revo Labs pg. 16

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Braceblogger PodCast #25 2/14/18 - Click Here

Readings from the February 2018 O&P Edge by Clyde Peach, CO #1321

1. Viewpoint - "Putting the Focus on Research and Education" by Andrea Spridgen

2. Calendar - "Louisiana O&P Meeting May 31 - June 2 / 5th Conference on Advancement in Conservative Treatments of Scoliosis 10/20/2018"

3. "Allard USA ad"

4. Industry Review - "Electrical Brain Stimulation May Lead to Improved Prosthesis Control" , "University Receives DOD Funds to Study Prosthetic Technolofy for Vets", "Senso Allows Amputee to Control Individual Fingers"

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Turf Toe - X1 GoBlade #7631 to Chris B./Haddon Heights, NJ (Repeat Buyer)

PA: Chris B./Haddon Heights, NJ
RX: Clyde's Trizone X1 GoBlade
HISTORY: Repeat buyer to be used for walking and ADL
PLAN: Create an  X1 GoBlade Men's 10
FINAL SPEC: (WT) 1.10oz (L) 27.5cm (W) 8cm (D) 0.99mm (turf toe pocket) 1.23mm
Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317.445.1475

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hallux Rigidus - X1 Blade #7630 to Sarah G./madison Heights, VA

PA: Sarah G./madison Heights, VA
DIAGNOSIS: Hallux Rigidus
RX: Clyde's Trizone X1 GoBlade #7630
HISTORY: "I will be using the X1 Blade for running. I have hallux limitus that will flare up and cause swelling on top of my joint when running. I run 20-25 miles a week (trail and pavement) I also over pronate on the same foot. I also live in Virginia so it is hard to not run hilly. My goal is to keep running without irritating my right big toe."
PLAN: Fabricate a LightFlex sprinters model X1 GoBlade for Sarah's running shoe with a deep 1st met pocket to accommodate for swelling.
FINAL SPECS: (wt) 0.936oz (l) 28.5cm men's 11 (w) 8.5 cm (d) 0.97mm (1st met pocket) 3.10mm
Call Clyde 800-253-6217 TXT: 317-445-14745

Sesamoiditis - X1 Blade-S #6693 to Butler University

PA: Butler University Sports Medicine/Softball Player
DIAGNOSIS: Sesamoiditis
RX: Clyde's X1 Blade-S for Sesamoiditis Pain Relief
Plan: Fabricate LightFlex composite X1 GoBlade-S  #6693 with L for unrestricted foot and ankle motion during athletic competition (softball). Create 3.10mm great toe pocket for sesamoid relief and heel relief pockets. Maintain rocker shape forefoot for natural toe off. Pad heel with 1/8" plastizote for heel strike relief to prevent plantar fasciitis. Cover great toe relief zone with ShearBan to prevent blistering during cutting. Add 1/8" plastizote to forefoot area covering 2nd thru 5th mets to the base of 5th mettarsal to unload 1st metatarsal.
FINAL SPECS: thickness and weight of X1 GoBlade-S #6693 (WT) 0.890 oz (L) 24.5cm (W at 1st MTP) 7.7cm ( Primary Shell D) 0.94mm (1st MTP Drop) 3.65mm
Sport: Softball
Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317.445-1475

Friday, February 2, 2018

Broken Nose - Madrid Mask #6692 to Michael/Tomball, TX

PA: Michael O.'s son/Tomball, TX
DIAGNOSIS: Broken Nose
RX: Clyde's Madrid Soccer Mask
HISTORY: Male, 4'9". 90lbs
PLAN: Fabricate Madrid soccer mask LDP Black for broken nose.
Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317-445-1475

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Midfoot Sprain X1 Shoe Stiffners #6687 to Canberra Raiders

PA: Canberra Raiders/Canberra Australia
DIAGNOSIS: Midfoot Sprain/Arthritis
RX: Clyde's X1Shoe Stiffner - Contoured Stiff (no flex)
HISTORY: Unknown
PLAN: Fabricate all composite shellthat is stiff in all zones, contoured , and thin enough to fit in rugby cleats.
Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317-445-1475

Broken Nose - Hoosier Mask #6688 to Jake L./New Lenox, IL

PA: Jake L. (son)/New Lenox, IL
DIAGNOSIS: Broken Nose
RX: Clyde's Hoosier Face Mask
HISTORY: Male 6'1" 180 - "Clyde - Mask is for my son, who plays basketball in high school. He suffered a broken nose last week while playing.
PLAN: Fabricate a custom Hoosier basketball facemask to be used during play - LDP black material. Standard 24-48 hour delivery.
Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317.445.1475

Jaw Fracture - Hoosier Mask Jaws model #6685 to Debra P./Ridgefield, WA

PA: Debra P. (son) / Ridgefield, WA
DIAGNOSIS: Lower left jaw fractures (2) and upper right jaw fracture (1)
RX: Cjyde's Hoosier Face Mask - Jaws model
History: 12 yr. male 5'3" 100lbs - kicked in the face diving for a basketball during a game.
PLAN: Fabricate a custom Jaws model mask from measurements and pictures from parents to protect multiple fracture sites right and left during basketball.  Use DuPont Sulyn clear . STAT order!
Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317-445-1475

Orbit Fracture Right - Hoosier Mask #6684 to Robert W/Northville, MI

PA: Robert W's (daughter)/Northville, MI
DIAGNOSIS: Orbit Fracture Right Side
RX: Clyde's Raptor Face Mask
HISTORY: Female 5'8" 132lbs
PLAN: Create a face mask to protect right side orbit fracture using DuPont Surlyn clear with black straps.
Call Clyde 800-253-6217 TXT 317-445-1475