Thursday, October 25, 2012

Clyde's X1 Blade - Great Toe Pain Gone!


  Here are the comments we discussed.

  I recently ran the Chicago Marathon and my Hallux Limitus pain (big toe joint pain) was worse than ever. When it was time to get back to running the pain was still there and I could not go more than a couple miles without enduring a lot of pain.

  I stumbled across your insert on the internet and ordered one for the left foot (the worse of the two). I received the insert promptly and was anxious to try it out.

  I ran 8 miles with it today and have NO TOE PAIN!!!

  I am huge believer in your product and am ordering one for the right foot as well. It is worth every penny. I was worried that I was going to not be able to run anymore.

  Thank you for making this amazing product.

 Sincerely, Jason

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clyde's X1 BladeCreates Momentum for Marathoner

Clyde, I wanted you to see his follow up question and my response. I hope that he decides to order one of your inserts, and that he is able to write up a review for you. Thanks, Bill From:H., BILL Sent: Friday, October 19, 2012 7:12 PM To: '' Subject: Re: RUNNING FOLLOW I read your question about the X1 Blade RM model and went for a run with one in my shoe to think about it. So far I had mainly just been paying attention to the lack of pain the X1 Blade gives me when I run. Yes the entire chain gets stronger. You can feel the extra boost of energy starting from the toes as you push off. This boost transfers to the rest of the foot and to the achilles as you pushoff and this energy creates more momentum for your legs. The X1 Blade RM also gives support to my hips and legs, more than my foot could without the insert with minimal strength in my big toe. The X1 Blade definitely allows me to run faster more easily for a longer length of time and protects my toe joint from further pain from bending excessively and putting all of my weight in the toe joint while running.

Running Faster with Clyde's X1 Blade RM Model

Max's Question? Sent: Friday, October 19, 2012 1:07 PM To: H.,  BILL Cc: clyde peach Subject: RUNNING FOLLOW Hi Bill, my name is Max Lockwood. I write/do reviews for a running trade journal, Running Insight. I am doing a review of Clyde's Hallux Limitus/Rigidus blades/inserts. I am a runner who has suffered with Hallux limitus for years. Clyde just sent me some samples to try out. He mentions you as someone(a runner) who has benefited from using them to improve range of motion and ability of your big toe. As a fellow runner I would love to get some additional insight. * How many miles do you run with them per week? * What was your running like before using them? * Do you have a severe case of rigidus/limitus? * are you a competitive runner/racer? * have they helped with the condition in general or only when using them? Feel free to provide any additional info as it pertains to the blades, your running, advocacy of the product, etc. I look forward to hearing from you Regards, Max

Bill's Answer - Lockwood [
Max, I am glad to answer any questions you may have. I am 49 years old, and have been running for 4-5 years. I have had to have cheilectomy surgery to remove bone spurs from each of my first toe joints…my right foot was operated on in November of 2010 and my left foot in April of 2012. As I was recovering from surgery I had an incident with my left toe that created a turf toe-like effect in around July of this year, which set back my recovery. I was experiencing the pain of Hallux Limitus before I began running, so I am not sold that running is the cause of the condition. I still suffer from hallux limitus but have recovered from the surgeries and run with much less pain since the bone spurs were removed. The two surgeons I worked with both told me that I basically have no cartilage in the joints of my first toe. Therefore, with each step I have bone against bone if I try to bend my first to backwards more than 20 degrees, so I cannot run pain free. Since I cannot bend my toes backward, I get very little if any power or strength from my big toe. I have tried countless over the counter orthotics with little to no success, but I did settle on using a red cushioned orthotic from Spenco in which I was cutting out the first toe area. I am still using this in conjunction with Clyde’s inserts I have been using lately, by placing the Spenco cushion orthotic on top of the orthotic with the Morton’s reverse extension from Clyde. The shoes I use are Saucony Mirage II. I had been running in the Saucony Kinvara, but the Mirage adds some pronation control that keeps me from putting excessive weight on my big toe. To answer your questions: • I began marathon-type training in January 2010, and have been running an average of 50 miles per week since that time, except for the time periods I was recovering from surgery. I am running that many miles per week currently as well. I have run four marathons during this time. • Note that I just ordered one for my left foot in mid-September and a pair that I received last Friday. Running before using them since my surgeries has been difficult since I have the weakness that is caused by hallux limitus, since I cannot bend my toe backwards or push off effectively. I never realized how much this was impacting my speed until I used Clyde’s inserts. Running since my surgery has been less painful, but would become painful if I accidently bent it backwards too far. • I would say yes, I still have a severe case of hallux limitus. Both doctors I worked with stated I am at stage 3 of 4, with stage 4 being you cannot bend your toe back at all. I am grateful the bone spurs are gone, but I again I have no strength from my toes during pushoff until I ran with inserts from Clyde. • I am not a competitive racer. My marathon PR is 4:08. I love to run though. I know the inserts cannot give me speed, but I ran a 5 mile tempo yesterday with the inserts with reverse Morton’s extension in each foot and realized I was running faster more easily than I was without them just two weeks prior… 8:45 ish per mile two weeks ago verses 8:24 yesterday on the same route. There’s no way that increase is from conditioning I have gained in two weeks, it is just so much easier to run now that I have these inserts. • I am wearing the original X-1 Blade in my left foot during work hours and have been for the past month. I can definitely feel the relief and experience much less pain in the my left toe joint from walking during the day. I wear them with Rockport dress shoes that have a wide toe box. At night, I noticed I had much less pain than after walking all day without the inserts. I believe the insert is helping my toe completely heal from the surgery and the turf toe injury, and will protect me long term from excessive bending of the toe either through normal walking, or accidently such as if I step on a rock, tree root running on a trail, or turning too quickly. My foot is also more pain free after running when I use the inserts. I am sold on the version of the insert with the Morton’s extension for running. I believe the X-1 blade is a little too rigid if you run in them beyond 5 miles. For football, tennis or similar sport with quick change of directions I could see it being perfect, but on a long run the X-1 Blade made my foot and left toe more tired than usual. I don’t think you need the extra rigidity in the first toe for normal running. The version with the reverse Morton’s extension is not as rigid as the X-1. I think this thinner less rigid version is more preferable for long runs, as it still protects your toe, gives added strength support and doesn’t tire your feet over the long term of a long run. The cut out area for the toe is a must for hallux rigidus also. I want to see how the Morton’s extension version works when I get to runs of 18 miles+. I ran 13 miles last weekend and that is the longest run I have run so far. However, after trying countless of other inserts I could tell immediately I have hit on the right solution. If there is anything else you need let me know. Bill H.