Monday, August 8, 2016

X1 Blade Testimonial - Billy B./Las Vegas Nevada/Great Toe Pain

X1 Blade Pro Model

Hi Clyde - I am a proud owner of your X1 Blade for my left foot.  I purchased your X1 Blade about 1.5 years ago after months and months of chronic toe pain from an associated big toe injury.  But once I bought your Blade, it worked amazing in the healing of my chronic turf toe!  Truly a blessing and gift from God!  Now I find myself in a similar situation with my big toe except it is in my right foot and not my left:( I am definitely going to buy the right blade and complete the set since I already have the left blade.   Thank you once again for creating this truly amazing product!  God bless.
Billy B./Las Vegas, NV - X1 Blade Pro Model ordered 12/10/2013