Tuesday, December 30, 2014

X1 Blade #6401 - Turf Toe Wrestling / Boyceville, WI

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"STOP THE OUCH!" - CLYDE'S REMARKABLE X1 BLADE FOR TURF TOE & HALLUX RIGIDUShttp://indianabrace.com/X1BladeforTurfToehalluxrigidusPain.aspx

Foot: Left

Model: "Pro" Heavy Activity
Size / CM: Men's 13
How will you be using your X1 Blade?: inside wrestling shoe
Turf Toe
Comment about your injury:
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Rene's Pain Reduction - MBT's 80% - X1 Blade 95 - 100%!

Thanks, Clyde!

I think I had better then order one X1 Blade in the same design but in the next half-size down as that should “click” in most of my daily work shoes.

After the holidays, could you fabricate another one for me and charge the same card but perhaps use DHL or FedEx or the like?

Please let me know.

Many thanks! / René

P.S. By the way, the MBTs reduce my pain by 80%. The X1 Blade reduces the pain by 95-100%.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Rene from Bangkok - X1 Blade Miracle!

RE: X1 Blade Miracle in Bangkok

Hi, Clyde.

 The insert seems to permit me to run – even to sprint! Terrific! It feels great to move fast (okay, I’m not a bolt of lightning at 47, but still). What is cool is that the insert is so strong but still vaguely gives (unless that is my foot giving).
Some other small aches and pinching due to the overall lack of give but I will work with that. I used a basic Nike Trainer shoe (my MBT’s don’t play well with the insert as they are not really flat inside).

I don’t think I need anything stiffer. And my sense is that the insert would still work in a more flexible (even minimalist?) kind of shoe also.

The insert just barely fits, which I think is good in general. But I would not mind having another pair that is a little shorter so it is not such a major endeavor to get them into a variety of shoes… UNLESS that extreme tight fit is part of the magic?

I would appreciate your view.
Best / RenĂ© / 
Bangkok, Thailand