Friday, February 22, 2013

New Video - Strapping Options for the Hoosier Mask

Thank you for the mask although, not the fit we were hoping for but under the circumstances it will due fine until we get a fitted mask. The issues is it just sits to far off the nose whereby he can place a finger up between the nose and mask. Therefore, when running it moves to much. I understand its tough to determine a size within addition measurements. Just providing a little feedback for future reference.

Hi Rodney - Thanks for the follow up. I just posted a video on my YouTube channel about strapping a Hoosier mask to avoid migration. It should help. Clyde

Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Your My Last Chance"

X1 Blade shoe stiffner "stiff model" to Oxford, MS user who suffers with severe hallux rigidus, and is an avid tennis player who plays 3 to 4 times weekly.
"Your my last chance." he said over the phone yesterday."The podiatrist I went to wanted to do an implant. The orthopaedic surgeon I went to wanted to do a fusion, and said implants were a podiatrist thing. I'm confused and don't want to do either!"
I suggested that his best mechanical chance for relief from me was to order the "Stiff" X1 Blade shoe stiffner as it would simulate a fusion and may buy him some time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello Mr. Peach. Drew has been using the AcuStep orthotics since June of 2012 and they are showing some wear and tear. I wondered if we should order a set of replacements at this time. The original order # was 2781 if that is helpful. I appreciate your advice. Mary Schxxxxxxxx 317-XXX-830X

I would suggest replacing the AcuStep orthotics them if they are not giving the same support. Clyde

Monday, February 18, 2013

Does the X1 Blade Limit Great Toe Motion

Contact Name: Thomas Phone: 314603XXXX Email Address: Comments or Questions: My daughter is a D2 College Pitcher who suffers fromQ turf toe. She worried that a plate will be too restrictive & not allow her to bend her toe & push off the rubber. Is that a legitimate concern? Thanks Tom

No - the X1 Blade will not restrict great toe motion at push off in pitching. The unique design of the  X1 Blade actually adds energy at push off and does not restrict motion at the mid or hind foot. Clyde

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How Long Does It Take to Get A Hoosier Mask?

Contact Name: Mous Phone: 313XX84XX Email Address: Comments or Questions: Please get back to me as soon as possible. I have 2 questions, how long does it take to receive my mask after I order it, and can I get my mask in black like this one,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42553238,d.aWc&biw=2133&bih=1087&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=teUdUav2FISdyQHL6YGQDA#imgrc=_ thank you

If we receive your order  by 12:00 noon EST it usually goes out same day. You choose shipping method during checkout .... USPS, FedEX, etc. Clyde

Friday, February 15, 2013

X1 Blades to the Rodeo

Shipped a pair of X1 Blades Pro models to a cowboy in Holyoke, CO. He needed them to ranch and to rodeo because he had turf toe. Clyde

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You Tube X1 Blade Question - One or Two

This comment requires your approval. You can approve or reject it by visiting the comments page.

If you only have problems with one foot do you recommend using in both shoes ,, to feel balanced and even, maybe prevent problems with other foot ?? Or should you just use for the problem foot ? 
You just need one. Clyde
Hi Clyde,

This is Anders Osxxxx I just spoke to you.  I wanted to make sure that I didn’t order the same left foot blade that I ordered last year probably in 2011.  It was my last purchase and it is not sufficient and I don’t use it really.  I would like to be using something and would like to know a little more about some of the changes that have been made on the new x1 pros.  Thanks.

Anders - the X1 Pro is much more robust than the early versions of the X1 Blade. Clyde

X1 Blades Shipped February 2013 1st - 18th

Tallahassee, FL 2/1...bilateral X1 Blade Runner/hallux rigidus/hiking - Roseville, CA 2/1 - X1 Reverse Morton/sesamoiditis/walking - Appleton, WI 2/2 - X1 Blade Runner/hallux rigidus/elliptical - Kirtland Hills, OH 2/3... X1 Blade Pro/turf toe/workout shoes - Solon, OH 2/3...X1 Blade Runner/turf toe/baseball - Limerick, Ireland 2/3/13...X1 Blade runner/bilateral hallux rigidus/work - Edison, NJ 2/7/13...X1 Blade Light/hallux rigidus/walking - Catskill, NY 2/7...X1 Blade Light/hallux rigidus/walking - Burbank, CA 2/7...X1 Blade Light/hallux rigidus/walking - Seeley Lake, MT 2/7...hallux rigidus/work - Ogallala, NE 2/7...X1 Blade Runner/hallux rigidus/ADL - Villa Park, CA 2/8...X1 Blade Runner/hallux rigidus/golf - Ishpeming, MI 2/8...X1 Blade Pro/hallux rigidus/workouts - London, England - 2/10...X1 Blade Light/turf toe/walking - Readfield, ME 2/11...X1 Blade Reverse Morton and X1 Blade Light/bilateral hallux rigidus with bone spurs/work - Short Hills, NJ 2/11...X1 Blade Reverse Morton/bilateral hallux limitus/work - Lima, Peru 2/11...X1 Blade Reverse Morton/hallux limitus/ADL - Bethesda, MD 2/12...X1 Blade Runner/ bilateral hallux rigidus/running - Coppell, TX 2/12...X1 Blade Shoe Stiffner "Stiff"/mid foot arthritis/ADL - Moab, UT 2/12...X1 Blade Reverse Morton/severe hallux rigidus with bone spurs/scientific field work - Chorleywood, Hertfordshire UK 2/13...X1 Blade Runner Pro/hallux rigidus/field hockey - Frederiksberg, Denmark 2/13...X1 Blade Runner/hallux rigidus/sport and work - Orchard Park, NY 2/14....X1 Blade Pro/hallux rigidus/running - Holyoke, CO 2/15...X1 Blades Pro/turf toe/ranching & Rodeo - Dearborn, MI 2/16...X1 Blade Poppers/bunion pain/ADL - Wakefield, RI 2/16...X1 Blade Pro/hallux rigidus/obstacle races - Heber Springs, AR 2/17...X1 Blade Reverse Morton/hallux limitus/ADL - Mexico City, Mexico 2/17...X1 Blade Light/turf toe/rehab -Makawao, HI 2/18...X1 Blade Runner/hallux rigidus/tennis,golf - Montreal, Canada 2/18...X1 Blade Runner/turf toe/running -  Greent, IN

Hoosier OTS User Suggests Changes

Clyde, The mask is working great. However, I wanted to point out that I made some modifications to bring it to this current state. First thing I replaced the straps provided with the strap system from another facial protection mask (Bangerz). The Bangerz strap system holds the mask on much better without having to tighten the straps. This prevents headaches and provides excellent stability. The second change I made was to widen the outer portion of each eye hole increasing the visibility well beyond the original model. I am sending you this feedback in case it might assist in improving your product. Thanks again for providing a great mask. Nothing else I found in the its price range or below works as well. Tom Lxxxxx

 Thanks Tom for the feed back, an based on your suggestions I have made these modifications to the Hoosier OTS and Gladiator face masks: 
1) Opened the eye holes a bit more.
2) Provide a strap that can be placed over the top of the head to prevent mask migration.
Clyde Peach

X1 Blade User Expected an Arch Support

Contact Name: Cyndi Xxxxxxxx Phone: 308XXXXXXX Email Address: Comments or Questions: Order # 3506 I want to return this item as it is not as described. I cannot have a totally flat insert, there is no arch which will not work for me. I picked up the item today from my postoffice and have worn it around my house for a couple of hours this evening. I have been sitting and it is still quite uncomfortable. I need a return number. Thank you-Cyndi Jxxxxxx

There is no arch support built into any of the X1 Blade models. I have never described it as having an arch, and the X1 Blade is not totally flat. The X1 Blade has a bioengineered contour.  Clyde

Hallux Arthritis Wants to Avoid Surgery

Contact Name: Susie Xxxxxxxx Phone: 91X7XXX95 Email Address: Comments or Questions: I have been diagnosed with hallux arthritis and recommended to have fusion of my toe joint. I am really not wanting this done and want to know if your insert is helpful.

 I suggest for arthritis the X1 shoe stiffener "stiff model". Designed for this problem - simulates a fusion. Clyde

Hoosier OTS User Demands Money Back

   Hoosier OTS user's father in El Paso demanded his money back after his daughter threw a temper tantrum during a recent basketball game, pulled off her mask, and threw it on the hardwood cracking the mask. As the daughter actually explained to me by phone prior to her father calling me.
   I explained to the father that I do not warrant damage to the Hoosier OTS face mask if the damage occurs off the user's face.
  To say the least he was not happy.

   Clyde Peach