Monday, March 21, 2016

X1 Blade - "I never even notice the device is in the shoe, except the pain is gone!"

Indiana Brace Company
Hi Beth -
It was so good to see you this weekend.  I wanted to pass on the information
about my shoe insert for Hallux Rigidus (chronic turf toe.)  It really has
helped me to play pain free and I don't even notice the device in my shoe.
When I first started using it, I got a blister on the bottom of my toe, but
other than that, I never even noticed the thing was in my shoe, except the
pain is gone.  It's pretty amazing.
I've copied Clyde Peach on this email. He helped me find just the right
insert for squash.  We settled on a turf toe blade, runner, medium
activity.but that is just me! <>
Hope to see you soon. Marc perked up at the idea of the Americas Masters in
Vancouver in August, so that may be my next big event!
Leslie C./Reston, VA X1 Blade # 7042 ordered 1/7/16 SPORT: SQUASH

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Knee Flexion Contracture - Knee Rehab

Rx: Terminal Knee Extender (TKE)

Diagnosis: Knee Flexion Contracture post-op Total Knee Replacement

History: Alex has been dealing with a knee flexion contracture without much success with standard therapies.

Plan: Fabricate a unilateral TKE and ship.

Sx: Order received 2/28/16 3:18 PM personal phone call Shipped USPS Priority 02/29/16 16 to Westbury, NY UPS Ground Expect delivery in 3 days.

FU: email customer satisfaction questionnaire on 3/15/16