Saturday, November 14, 2015

Clear Hoosier Face Masks Made From DuPont Surlyn

Hoosier clear face masks are all fabricated from DuPont's impact-resistant Surlyn.

Hoosier Safety Masks are made from DuPont Surlyn because of its outstanding resilience to cuts, abrasions, impact failures, puncture resistance, and moldability. DuPont Surlyn is also known for its outstanding clarity, toughness, and light weight.

DuPont Surlyn is an ionically strengthened thermoplastic with enhanced physical properties versus conventional brittle polycarbonates used in most off-the-shelf and custom fabricated face masks on offer that can shatter on impact and that may cause further facial or eye injuries.

WARNING: Please read all polycarbonate mask disclaimers!

For More Information: - Hoosier Face Masks

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