Sunday, October 4, 2015

10/01 - Katryn C./Carmel, IN Orders X1 Blade #6666 Light for Her Turf Toe Injury

Clyde - I need this for running. I am training for a marathon. My podiatrist told me I have turf toe. I don't want to stop running!

New Model! X1 Blade Marathoner
OK Katryn I am custom fabricating my best X1 Blade Light model for marathon runners for you. Details below:

Model Description - X1 Blade  RTLW Light Thin F1 26R with heel pad and great toe Shearban overlay.

1. RTLW = Reverse Toe Lever for extra great toe room with lateral force wedge to offload great toe during running.
2. Weight - .07 oz
3. Depth- .031"
4. Width - F1 narrow profile cut to fit runners shoe last
5. Size -26R - Women's 9 Right
6.  Heel Pad -100% Wool Felt (Hapad Moleskin 1/8")
7. Shear Reduction - Blue ShearBan overlay for great toe relief.

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