Sunday, December 20, 2015

X1 Blade for Morton's Toe to Michelle C./Sanata Cruz, CA

Published on Dec 20, 2015
Rx: Orthotic for Morton's toe.

Diagnosis: Shortened first metatarsal in relation to to second metatarsal - brachymetatarsia

Hx: Female who has been dealing with this problem for quite some time and is on her feet for prolonged periods of time. Her podiatrist recommended she give me a call which she did. We decided to fabricate a special very thin and light Blade so she will be able to wear fashionable shoes again.

Plan: Fabricate X1 Blade , Flexx1 Midfoot, Flexx2 Forefoot, and Relief Pocket under 2nd metatarsal covered with ShearBan. Estimated weight 16 grams, density 0.8mm.

Sx: Call in order 12/14/15 to Clyde for consult. Estimated ship date 12/18/15 by UPS Ground.

FU: O1/05/16 via email with customer satisfaction questionnaire.
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