Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hallux Rigidus - X1 Blade #7630 to Sarah G./madison Heights, VA

PA: Sarah G./madison Heights, VA
DIAGNOSIS: Hallux Rigidus
RX: Clyde's Trizone X1 GoBlade #7630
HISTORY: "I will be using the X1 Blade for running. I have hallux limitus that will flare up and cause swelling on top of my joint when running. I run 20-25 miles a week (trail and pavement) I also over pronate on the same foot. I also live in Virginia so it is hard to not run hilly. My goal is to keep running without irritating my right big toe."
PLAN: Fabricate a LightFlex sprinters model X1 GoBlade for Sarah's running shoe with a deep 1st met pocket to accommodate for swelling.
FINAL SPECS: (wt) 0.936oz (l) 28.5cm men's 11 (w) 8.5 cm (d) 0.97mm (1st met pocket) 3.10mm
Call Clyde 800-253-6217 TXT: 317-445-14745

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