Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sesamoiditis - X1 Blade-S #6693 to Butler University

PA: Butler University Sports Medicine/Softball Player
DIAGNOSIS: Sesamoiditis
RX: Clyde's X1 Blade-S for Sesamoiditis Pain Relief
Plan: Fabricate LightFlex composite X1 GoBlade-S  #6693 with L for unrestricted foot and ankle motion during athletic competition (softball). Create 3.10mm great toe pocket for sesamoid relief and heel relief pockets. Maintain rocker shape forefoot for natural toe off. Pad heel with 1/8" plastizote for heel strike relief to prevent plantar fasciitis. Cover great toe relief zone with ShearBan to prevent blistering during cutting. Add 1/8" plastizote to forefoot area covering 2nd thru 5th mets to the base of 5th mettarsal to unload 1st metatarsal.
FINAL SPECS: thickness and weight of X1 GoBlade-S #6693 (WT) 0.890 oz (L) 24.5cm (W at 1st MTP) 7.7cm ( Primary Shell D) 0.94mm (1st MTP Drop) 3.65mm
Sport: Softball
Call Clyde 800.253.6217 TXT: 317.445-1475

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