Tuesday, March 19, 2013

X1 Blade Fitting and Sizing Question from Margie

Contact Name: MARGIE Phone: 513 7XX XXX0 Email Address: cxxxxxxxxxxe@yahoo.com Comments or Questions: clyde do I need to put something over the blades or can I wear them with my foot directly on them SHOULD THE BLADE HAVE NO ROOM FROM FRONT TO BACK NOT SURE IF i NEED A 9 INSTEAD OF AN 8 AND A HALF. WOULD AN ARCH SUPPORT INSERT HELP DO THE BLADES NEED TO BE IN SHOES THAT ARE TOTALLY FLAT OR CAN THEY BE PUT IN A SLIGHTLY WEDGE SHOE THANKS FOR YOUR HELP MARGIE.

Dear Margie - The Blade goes under the shoes removable insole. It is very important that the Blade fit snugly front to back and can be trimmed at the heal with a pair of scissors. The Blades are contoured in order to create a natural gait and can be used in most shoes. Clyde

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