Monday, March 11, 2013

Trying to Avoid Great Toe Surgery - Australia

Contact Name: Meredith Cxxxxxx Phone: 02............ Email Address: Comments or Questions: Hi I am from Australia and am thinking about ordering your product for hallux limitus. I just want to check with you before ordering to make sure doing so would be worthwhile. I have been having considerable issues with my right toe for about a year now. I have been to a podiatrist who has made me orthotic inserts for my shoes but have had little benefit from them. I have been told the next step is surgery which I am understandably not keen on. I have also had considerable problems with plantar facitis in both feet since the toe pain started which I suspect is related to the toe problem because of subtle changes in my gait. I currently wear a womens US 10 b fitting in the BRooks Addiction 10 model running shoe. I don't run, these are just for daily wear, walking and to wear to the gym. This brooks shoe is the only shoe that appears to fit my skinny foot that provides the support I need. I was told to go for a shoe like this because I have a high arch and need a shoe to guard against pronation. I guess what I really want to know is how your orthotic would differ from my current one and whether you think ordering to try it is worthwhile. Thanks Meredith

Dear Meredith - I woud suggest you try my Reverse Morton's style. It should help relieve the hallux limitus pain and help you avoid having surgery for right now. Clyde

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