Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Can't Believe I Found This Site!

Contact Name: TIM H........ Phone: 614....... Email Address: T.........@HOTMAIL.COM Comments or Questions: I can't belive i found this site. I have had hallux rigidus for 30 years. Very bad. my questions are I don't know which one to buy, because I do all the things that each one is good for, and do i place it over the original sole in my shoe.  I am still leary on if it works or not and if i buy just one foot now, will it make me stand or walk differnt. thank you. Tim

Get the X1 Blade Runner model and put it under the insole of your shoe and go walk. It will improve your ability to walk. Just buy one and there is a 100% refund policy. So your risk to try is only the shipping. Clyde Peach

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