Monday, March 25, 2013

Interesting Question from Hallux Rigidus Sufferer

Contact Name: aisha Phone: 217XXXXXXX Email Address: Comments or Questions: Hello, I am somewhat confused by the hallux limitus/rigidus definitions (they seem to be used differently depending on if an ortho. surgeon or a DPM uses it). I have seen both and although I still have some ROM in my big toe(s), I also have arthritis and bone spurs on top of the big toe joints. 1.) Dr. told me to get a carbon sole. I delayed this because of my workouts (dance/fencing/weights, etc.) I am very ative, but now in pain, too. So I am unsure which one to order, and also, how to choose the size. I wear a 9/5-10 or 40, 41 in shoes,but my insoles measure between 10.25-10/50 inches. I have used numerous kinds of orthotics;the last one was a heavy duty full on orthotic w/Morton's extension-I wore it for 2 yrs. but it became too painful. I am buying a lot of shoes, looking for stiff soles, but my hope now is to find an insert that will remove having to live in huge clogs. I hope to call you tomorrow. Thank you! best, Aisha Lamb Sobh

I suggest due to the bone spur my X1 Blade with Reverse Morton's modification women's size 9. It should fit into any of your shoes and give you relief from your hallux limitus/rigidus during your workouts. If it dosen't send back for a full refund. Clyde

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